Plum and burgundy are two of the most common colors used for a fall wedding.  As variations of purple, they offer a richness that is perfectly suited for the transition between summer and winter.

In this palette the striking plum is paired with toned-down versions of greens and pinks so that it really stands out. By using similarly toned accent colors, it allows the predominant plum which is strong and forceful, to be the star of the show.

This is a really good trick to know for any wedding color palette.

If you want one color to be more prominent than the others make sure that the other colors are of similar tone. In this case the pinks and greens are grayed down, less pure, even a little muddy. This allows the plum, whose tone is rich and pure, to shine.

Want to see another example? The same trick can be found in this winter wedding color palette using peach instead of plum.