We love, love , love this wedding cake—it’s parlor perfection!

We know this color combination and style isn’t for everyone but for those who want a memorable and unique wedding, this one’s for you.

The pink and green set the mood and are commonly used as wedding colors.  It’s the shades of pink and green in this case and how they play with the copper that really creates the style.

The pink is soft and grayed down and the green has a retro feel which works well with the antique detailing.  Finally, the copper adds the needed pop and excitement while the teal brings in the drama.

We always try to stress how the tones of the colors you pick are as important as the colors themselves.

Take the pink and green here and compare it to the same colors in this bright summery wedding palette called Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Perfection. There the pinks and greens are pure and crisp, while here the same colors are muted and toned down. Those bright pinks and greens wouldn’t work in the same way with the teal blue and shimmery copper.

It’s the tones that set the season and mood, the Lilly Pulitzer version screams summer, while this palette and treatment are ideal for late winter and early spring.