We love this fab boutonnière and the color palette it inspired. Peachy cantaloupe colors and tones along with Wedgewood-porcelain blues and greens work beautifully together. It’s an inspiring spring palette that’s both original and unique.

The baby blues set off the peach tones perfectly.

Orange and blue are complimentary colors. They are directly opposite from each other on a color wheel. This means that orange makes blue appear more blue,and blue makes orange appear more orange.

By using softer variations of each of the colors, you end up with the excitement that only complimentary colors can provide.

In this case, they used baby blue along with peach and cantaloupe tones to create an amazing soft palette that still brings all the vibrancy of stronger tones without being overpowering.

Too soft a palette for you? Check out the same color combo oranges, peaches and blue but with stronger tones.