When someone suggests a color palette like pink, yellow, green and orange for a wedding, you think … WHAT? Ewww…. All those clashing colors?

We always say it’s not about the color combination, it’s about the tone of each of the colors used and the proportion of one color to the other. And, this is the perfect example of how similar tones of varying colors create unique, wonderful and sophisticated wedding color palettes.

In this case, all of the colors are grayed down which mutes them and creates similar tones.  Just imagine if the green foliage was a jarring kelly green or rich emerald, the whole palette would lose its elegance. The use of the gray-green combined with all of the other grayed down tones is what makes this palette so special and the colors work together harmoniously.

This is such an amazing combination that we can’t really pin it down to any particular season. As far as wedding color ideas go, this color palette will work from summer right through winter.

We especially like it for winter. It’s ideal when you’re looking to bring the colors of summer to a winter wonderland.