Blue on blue, heartache on heartache….. know the song? Well, we’ll keep the blue on blue but don’t want anything to do with the heartache.

This is a simple color palette that uses blue as a base and adds small pops of color to add interest and excitement. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to dress up your table, and mark a special occasion.

There are so many great lessons to be learned from this wedding table setting and color palette.

We love how they took a piece of blue fabric and placed it along the table (on top of a standard white tablecloth) instead of laying it flat. The greenery adds texture and is much more economical than flowers while still bringing elegance.  The votive candles scattered throughout in different sizes and colors are all in the same style clear glass. By having them all in the same style, they look like a set.

Next, that all important ‘pop’ of color. The orange copper small bowl is striking against the blue backdrop and creates the needed drama.

Finally the simple tied string used as a napkin ring with a small sprig of wild flowers completes the picture.