Birthday Cake Proposal

Josse from Iowa writes us about her birthday cake proposal… My fiance and I aren’t a very romantic couple, but I’ve been bugging him to marry me since we were in high school.

It was two days before my twentieth birthday, and my mother had invited us both to go to Des Moines for a birthday party for my brother and me (our birthdays are close).

Rope heart with happy birthday on a wooden board

My boyfriend declined. He told me he had some family things to do. I was gone all day and got home quite late. When I walked in, there was nothing out of place, he was in his usual spot at the computer.

I was famished, so I asked him if we had anything to eat. He shrugged and said “I don’t know, look in the fridge.”

Completely unsuspecting, I opened the fridge and there, on the bottom shelf was a one layer red velvet cake with the words Will You Marry Me? and a smiley face.

Birthday Cake with will you marry me written in icing

I screamed and started crying, it was so unexpected. When I turned around and ran to him he had the ring box out, with the most beautiful little diamond ring inside. Of course I said yes!

Anyway it turns out the ‘family things’ he was doing was baking and decorating the cake. He had recruited his brother and our roommates girlfriend had taught him how to pipe that afternoon.

The day before he had gone to Iowa City to pick up the supplies and ring. I never suspected because he never bakes. It was the best birthday proposal cake I had ever eaten!

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Congratulations Jossy!!! What an amazing guy you have—we couldn’t have planned it better ourselves. We talk about the whole cake proposal idea in our article on romantic proposals.

We LOVE the fact that he never bakes and learned how to bake and pipe the cake from friends just to propose to you in this way—it makes it that much more special! We’re betting he’s a romantic at heart. :-)

We’re so excited for you and thanks so much for sharing! This is one of the sweetest birthday proposal ideas in the way he went about it. Judging by the way he proposed, it sounds to us like your life is going to be full of wonderful surprises.

Congratulations again!!!

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