Romantic Ways to Propose Marriage

So Romeo, you’ve spent months thinking about romantic ways to propose. You ran through every possible scenario and came up with the perfect plan.

Marry me written in the sand

We love these proposals. They are real life guys coming up with real life plans. They are as unique and romantic as their relationships.

Man down on one knee proposing to his girl who is sitting on a red blanket at the top of a cliff


In the first of  two hiker’s proposals, we learn a how a Lieutenant in the Air Force coerces his fiancée to go on a hike in nicer than normal hiking gear.
Red mountains view with two people at top

A Hiker's Proposal

This second outdoorsy tale is from a young man who asked our resident proposal expert for advice on his romantic proposal idea. He was planning on popping the question during a hike on a trip to Arizona.
Newly engaged couple with the girl holding a bottle that contains a message.


Check out Jim’s message in a bottle proposal. He had a great idea and most of the details organized and tailored just for his his sweetie but he needed a little help with a couple of additional things. We were happy to oblige!
Eiffel Tower seen from below with trees and blue sky


What list of romantic ways to propose would be complete without a Paris proposal? When ‘Love in October’ planned a fall trip to propose at the Eiffel Tower he thought it would be the ideal spot to get down on one knee.  Parisian wedding planners thought otherwise. If you’re thinking of popping the question in the City of Light, this is a must read.
A birthday cake with Will You Marry Me written in pink icing


Find out how  an unromantic non-baker pulls of a birthday cake proposal?  Josse shares her simple yet romantic proposal with our team.
A dress, Louboutin shoe and shoe bag and Newspaper headline


The perfect diamond ring, a pair of Louboutin black pumps, an Herve Leger dress, and a romantic dinner for two at Chicago’s finest restaurant.  It’s Dori’s Perfect Proposal!

Romantic Ways To Propose: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Proposing can be nerve wracking for everyone! Girls have been dreaming about the moment since childhood.  Guys know it, so they get busy trying to come up with something that will be memorable beyond her current Facebook status update. They rack their brains to come up with romantic ways to propose.

When creative proposals are done well (or so badly that they’re funny) they become family legends and are passed down through the generations.

If you proposed (or were proposed to) send us your story and you may be featured on this page. We love, love, love to hear them—hopeless romantics are all we got around here.  Feel free to include all the gory details (and pictures too!)—if anything was funny, or particularly sweet—we love that stuff!

We once had a reader tell us that her boyfriend fell into a Venice canal while down on one knee trying to propose. (Don’t worry, he held onto the ring really tight, and was a terrific swimmer!)

Still stuck? We’re here to help. We have all sorts of ideas both from contributors to the site and from our own experts. Explore the site & find inspiration from all our marriage proposal ideas.