Marriage Proposal Poems

Marriage Proposal Poems? Yep! Poetry and romance are always a winning combination so what better way to pop the question than with a poem that proposes marriage?

You can write your own, use one of ours, or take a famous poem and tailor it to you and your future bride. All it takes is a little creativity to end up with the right idea and perfect proposal.

A purple single rose

Marriage proposals are ALL about HER so get your pen in hand and be inspired by the best marriage proposal poems that we could find.

Sweet Marriage Proposal Poems

If a day goes by where I can’t see your face
Or feel our hearts in a close embrace,
I would embark on a worldwide chase
And marry you so we were in the same place.

Here I am on bended knee,
For years this scene I tried to flee
Then I met you and it was clear to me
To be complete you must marry me.

I thought I had a pretty good life,
Plenty of friends, and lots of stuff.
Then I met you, and saw the strife
Of being alone—it’s kind of rough.
Make me better—be my wife.
I’m really sweet, it’s my act that’s tough.

I ask you to take a journey with me
To share our lives, build our family tree
To live together in harmony
I pray you say Yes! as I get down on one knee.

The stars in the sky,
Match the sparkle in your eye.
Love starts with a dance,
Then blooms into romance.
If two become one,
It’s a lot more fun.
My request is simply:
Will you please marry me?

A Longer Proposal Poem

I traveled the hills
And searched the dales
In the hopes of finding
Some romantic tales.
I needed to find the perfect way
To convey my feelings
And what I have to say.

I sought a surprise
That would widen your eyes
I sought the perfect way
To say what I have to say
But in the end I realize
To this occasion I must rise
To humbly pledge my love to you
And ask if you would say ‘I Do!’

Short Marriage Proposal Poems

I like you.
You like me.
Do me a favor,
And marry me

I don’t like to shop,
I don’t play games,
But it would be so cool,
If we had the same names.

Sure, this poem is corny, but if there’s anytime to be corny…this is it! Just offer a bouquet of red roses and blue violets while you recite it and watch her swoon with delight.

Red roses and blue violets
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hope, I wish
You’ll say “I do”

Marriage Proposal Poems & Gifts

We love the concept of soulmates! So our design team got to work and created this wonderful graphic of a man and woman’s shoe.  It was such a big hit when it was first launched that we’ve since expanded our Soulmates Collection.  We added personalization so that anyone can replace the names and change the colors of the products to whatever they like.

Shopping bag and products with a soulmates designStep for step
Stride for stride
Together—our lives
Side by side.

You’re my soulmate
My lover, and my friend.
All I ever want is you
Until the very end.

When I look in the sky and dare to dream
My mind is free and I start to scheme.
This path I walk might look calm and secure
But without you, my footing’s never quite sure.
Take my hand in your hand, my heart in your heart
We’ll walk this road together and forever not part.

A Twist On A Classic

That all-time classic by Elizabeth Barrett Browning—”How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….” As far as marriage proposal poems go, her classic version is truly a masterpiece of poetic love and emotion but that didn’t stop us from adding our own little twist…

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
An impossible feat, that would take too many days.
My dreams, hopes, and desires for you,
Are for greatness and happiness in all that you do.

I am no prince, nor pauper I be,
But one day, with riches I hope to shower thee.
As of now I have no horse-drawn carriage.
Yet still, I ask thee for your hand in marriage.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem

Poems are a great way of proposing marriage. Add some props to the mix and you have a winning combination.  Jim, one of our readers planned a proposal to his betrothed on a beach at the Outer Banks with both a theme and some props.

He had most things in place and asked us for help in writing a pirate proposal poem that he could transfer to a scroll and place in a bottle on the beach. He loved our poem and we were happy to oblige. Things worked out perfectly for Jim.

We have all the details and pictures of Jim and his bride to prove that marriage proposal poems really are the way to go.