Christmas Proposal Ideas

The best Christmas proposal ideas are fun, festive and family oriented. The holidays are special. They remind us of what’s truly important in life—family and tradition. So what better time of year than Christmas to get down on one knee and start your own traditions.

Red and gold Christmas ornaments with Star confetti

Christmas proposals are almost as prolific as reindeer. Thousands of guys use the holiday season to pop the question. Problem is they’re never quite sure how to do it and make it special. They need ideas!

So our team of elves have been hard, putting together a Christmas Collection of proposal ideas that will completely delight her holiday heart.

Best part of all, you’ll both have a keepsake of your proposal to cherish during the Holiday season for years to come!

Christmas Decorations: The Proposal & A Tree

Ideas for Christmas proposals come in all shapes and sizes but nothing says LOVE more than the classic heart shape. Our design team created these wonderful ceramic heart-shaped tree ornaments as part of a 5 piece series.

Box of red heart- shaped Christmas ornaments with Will You Marry Me and an engagment ring

Four of the ornaments contain a different and unique snowflake design that sit below a word in the phrase “Will You Marry Me?”. The fifth ornament also has an original snowflake design but can be personalized with her name.

Print her full name, your special pet name for her, or anything else you’d like!

By personalizing the first ornament of the series with her name, you’ll show her that you went the extra mile to make your proposal even more special.

Ideas For The Christmas Proposal Ornaments

Idea #1: Box them up and wrap them just like any other present! You can use a standard decorations like the one in the picture above. Place the ornaments (each in it’s own compartment) so that the phrase reads from top to bottom and left to right. Fill any remaining sections of the box with her favorite candies and make sure to leave one very special slot free for the ring!

Imagine how surprised and excited she’ll be when she opens her Christmas gift. As she reads what’s written and sees the ring box as you get down on one knee and read the words aloud. It’ll be the start of a wonderful Christmas tradition—hanging these same very special decorations every year, in your future life together.

Idea #2: This second idea requires a little finesse. You won’t be sure when she’s going to realize what’s happening, so you need to be able to think on your feet!

Decorated Christmas tree with proposal ornaments that say WIll You Marry Me? among other decorations

For this idea to work, you’ll need a tree that’s already been decorated with a ton of ornaments before you bring out your proposal decorations. She needs to be used to seeing the decorated tree for this surprise to work.

Make sure you do this on a night when you’ll be spending a lot of time together near the tree. During the course of the evening, hang your wedding proposal on the tree among all the other decorations. Don’t make them too hard to spot or too easy either.

She’ll likely walk by the tree a dozen times and glance over occasionally but eventually she will spot your “will you marry me” message and realize that her Christmas dreams are coming true. So be ready, at a moment’s notice to drop down on one knee, pull out the ring and ask for her hand in marriage.

Christmas decorations and pillows with will you marry me printed on them

A Christmas Pillow Proposal Idea

Bring a little extra comfort to the holidays this year with your personalized wedding proposal printed on a fabulous Christmas pillow.

The front of the pillow features a whimsical graphic of a gift with the words “Merry Christmas” printed below. On the flip side, the gift box is open and a diamond ring is popping out with her name and the words “Will you marry me?” printed below.

Personalized Christmas pillow with Will you marry me? printed on the back

Personalize the pillow with her name  and you’re good to go. This is such a great idea!

She’ll be so excited to unwrap a Holiday pillow and add it to her Xmas decor thinking that’s all there is to it. Once she turns it around and realizes that it’s in fact a proposal of marriage… the soft lush pillow won’t be the only thing she’s hugging.

So have the ring at the ready for when that moment comes.

Both of these wonderful Christmas proposal ideas are part of our designer Christmas Collection.

When you take out the ornaments or pillow at the holidays every year, they will remind you both of that very first Christmas when you proposed.

In the end, you’ve not only come up with a great idea for a Christmas proposal but also have a keepsake of the event for years to come!