We couldn’t help but add wedding paintings and paper parasols to our favorite things.

We obviously love weddings and engagements. Yes, we love being a part of this special time in a couple’s life but more importantly we love the inspiration they provide.

We get so excited by all the clever, unique and interesting ideas that we see at the different weddings and events that we attend.  We also have a team of trend-spotters who share some of their special findings with us.

Recently one of them attended an amazing wedding at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Laguna Beach and brought us two ideas they loved.

The first was a complete original. Yep, a brand new idea we’ve never seen before!

The couple hired an artist to paint various scenes throughout the wedding. Pictured above is the setting for the ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You can see the start of the painting on the canvas.

We were so intrigued by the idea that we needed to know all the details.  After all how many paintings can they do during a wedding and how many scenes could they cover?

Here’s how it works. The artist starts the painting at any given location. They basically create the setup and get the feel for the atmosphere and energy. They then take a picture (in this case with an iPad) of the scene and fill in the details later in their studio.  They then deliver the paintings at a later date.  How brilliant is that?

Struggling artists and art students are always looking for a paid gig. This is a great way to help them out and have original art of your wedding day. This idea gets ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ from us!

(Note to self… add it to our list of engagement party ideas )

The second idea they brought us, is paper umbrellas / parasol. Although we’ve seen this before, it’s a small detail that people often don’t think about.

outdoor wedding ceremony at Laguna Beach Ritz Carlton with white paper umbrellas

Outdoor weddings are fabulous whether they take place in your backyard, at a ranch, on the beach, or at the Ritz. Your guests arrive after having spent time getting ready, doing their hair, makeup, getting dressed etc…. and then are left to melt in the sun. Oops!

A simple paper umbrella or parasol is so much appreciated by your guests and their dermatologists :-) Additionally, they are great props for some fab wedding photos.