A couple of years ago we attended a wedding that was held at the country home of the parent’s of the bride-to-be.  Although the hosts rented buses for those in the city who just wanted to go up for the wedding day, the entire bridal party and closest friends decided to rent motel rooms and make it a weekend affair.

The motel was recommended by the couple (honestly it was the closest to the house) and had several tiny cabins instead of the normal strip of rooms surrounded by dense greenery and forest. They coordinated with the hotel owners and made sure that there would be enough rooms for everyone. It was truly an idyllic country setting.

When we walked into our rooms, the couple had left a welcome gift basket for each of us. The basket contained a bottle of water, some bug repellent and a custom T-shirt. Yes, each member of the bridal party, boys and girls, children and adults were gifted their own titled T-Shirt for their role in the bridal party. It was a brilliant idea and a treasured memento of that special weekend.

We all wore them throughout the weekend to barbecues and various gatherings.

They were especially good for breaking the ice with people you didn’t know and made it easy not to have to worry about what to wear to various events throughout the weekend. They were also just plain fun!

So we challenged our team and here is the result…

We love, love, love these!

Our super talented designers partnered up with Amazon to create this amazing series of matching bridal party shirts.

Inspired by sports team / baseball logos they designed these classic T-Shirts for every member of the bridal party.

The Bride and Groom Shirts Collection (10 different shirt colors available) includes:

Bride to be T-Shirts (long and short sleeve)
Groom to be T-Shirts (long and short sleeve)
Best Man T-Shirts
Maid of Honor T-Shirts
Bridesmaid T-Shirts
Groomsmen T-Shirts
Mother of the Bride / Bride’s Mom T-Shirts
Father of the Bride/ Bride’s Dad T-Shirts
Team Bride T-Shirts
Team Groom T-Shirts

How cool is that? We tested them out before partnering with Amazon and peeps loved’m.

A couple just bought shirts for themselves and the maid of honor and best man, others bought for the bridal party and one couple bought the entire set.

They were a huge hit at the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

They’re available now at Amazon.com so get yours today!