Unique Gemstone Engagement Rings

Unique gemstone engagement rings are unique because of the variety of color found in gemstones. The sheer number of color combinations when you take into account the color of gemstones available, the color of metals and the combinations available, makes each ring special and truly unique.

Different colored gemstones

Historically, many engagement rings held colored stones so it’s following tradition that gemstone rings are making a big comeback. Princess Diana likely started the trend when she chose her sapphire and diamond engagement ring which is now worn by Kate Middleton.

From Sapphire to Emerald Gemstone Engagement Rings

One of the best things about all gemstone engagement rings is that they really become your ring—and with some retailers letting you decide on the setting, the metal color, and color of the stone—you end up with a ring that is uniquely you!

Different gemstone and birthstone rings in different color metals

We love Larson …. They let you customize things and have a great selection at reasonable prices. You can customize your ring or start with one of the beautiful preset designs they offer. They have everything from modern designs to vintage inspired styles.

We love, love, love their pearl rings. There’s just something about the purity of a pearl surrounded by small diamonds that just makes sense to us for a marriage.

Even though we love our own engagement rings (in case you’re reading this, we really do love them honey!), we can literally spend hours playing with different designs on their site.

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings Are All The Rage

You chose your wedding colors? The flowers? The dress & tuxedo? Maybe you, or both of you as a couple. You deserve that same freedom with your ring. If you are mad for yellow, then choose a cool citrine center stone.

four different colored gemstone ringsIf you like pink—you have many options. One of our BFF’s husband surprised her with a ring perfectly suited for her—she loves pink. And when we say loves, even her first car was pink! He had a ring made for her. A pink tourmaline heart shaped 3 carat center stone with micro-set diamonds all around the band, set in platinum. Talk about bling!

If you love the variety of colors available in gemstones, but have always wanted a diamond center stone,  add your favorite gemstone on the sides of the main stone, as baguettes.

We love the elegance of a pair of green baguettes cut from dramatic gemstones such as alexandrite or jade. Or have your jeweler create an eternity band entirely of onyx—that row of shiny black stones will accent a diamond engagement ring beautifully.

Imagine that contrast when you wear the entire set, or the stunning simplicity of wearing just the black eternity band alone. If you are a woman of independence who prides herself on great style, you can carry this off!

Birthstone & Gemstone Engagement Rings

Many people get confused between gemstones and birthstones. The simple answer is that all birthstones are gemstones but not all gemstones are birthstones.

 Birthstones representing the 12 months

So a birthstone engagement ring is based on the 12 months and therefore limits your selection to 12 gemstones. On the other hand, gemstone engagement rings offer so many more choices and colors.

However, birthstones do hold something special. They can pay tribute to the month she was born, or the month you got engaged, or the month you are to be married. So deciding on a gemstone that’s also a birthstone will make a gemstone engagement ring more unique and special.

Legend has it, and there are many surrounding birthstones, that if you wear the gemstone associated to your month of birth that you’ll be blessed with good health and good luck. Others say that it doesn’t matter if you wear your own birthstone, but that luck and fortune will come to you in the month that the stone represents.

Whether these legends are true or not, why wouldn’t you consider one?

More On Birthstone Engagement Rings

Depending on the source, you can find different birthstones associated to various months. However, there is one widely agreed upon official chart that has been adopted by most since the early 1900s. Here it is:

January : Garnet

Garnets are very affordable and also happen to be the 2nd wedding anniversary gemstone. They come in a variety of colors (blue is extremely rare) and the most commonly found are red to reddish brown. Garnet engagement rings are beautiful and striking especially when coupled with small diamonds.

February : Amethyst

The purple amethyst has one of the most interesting and royal histories dating back to 3000 B.C. It has been thought to cure insomnia, promote wisdom and enhance courage and creativity. It’s royal purple color is surprisingly affordable and comes with many noble traditions. What queen wouldn’t want an amethyst engagement ring?

March : Aquamarine

Aquamarine has become quite trendy and make beautiful and unique gemstone engagement rings because of their lightness of color. Legend has it that they promote good health and give religious and mental inspiration. Aquamarine rings dazzle the eye in the same way that diamonds do but their clear light blue color ads a special touch.

April : Diamonds

If your girl was born in April, she is doubly lucky. Diamonds have a long history and tradition for engagement rings and are rarely thought of as birthstone rings. As a gemstone, diamonds are pretty hard to top and were named “adamas” by the Greeks which means unconquerable.

May : Emerald

Emeralds have been sought after by the rich and powerful since about 2000 B.C. Cleopatra was a big fan and the legend around the stone is that it has the power to heal ailments and improve vision. Even a girl with the poorest of vision will be wide-eyed with delight at receiving an emerald birthstone engagement ring.

June : Pearl

For centuries the pearl has been the official gemstone of June. As birthstone rings, pearls are thought to bestow virtues of wisdom, charity, purity and loyalty on the person who wears them. This makes pearl engagement rings not only elegant but also very special.

July : Ruby

Known as the gem of passion, the ruby was considered the wedding stone throughout the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. Rubies are thought to bring contentment to marriage and promote lasting love. So, if you and your girl are passionate about each other consider a ruby engagement ring.

August : Peridot

Peridot has a long history and is a beautiful yellowish green colored gemstone. At one point it was thought to protect the wearer from demons, then later it was thought to attract romance. Either way, a peridot engagement ring will certainly attract the eye for both its uniqueness and beauty.

September : Sapphire

As birthstone rings they are beautiful–no doubt! But when sapphires are coupled with white gold or platinum and small diamonds they are perfect for any engagement. Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring cost about $60,000 but we’ve seen some really beautiful ones for a few hundred dollars. There’s nothing like a sapphire engagement ring to take a girl’s breath away.

October : Opal

Opals come in many different shades ranging from pastels to more vibrant tones and are one of the most unique looking gemstones. They are thought to promote loyalty, love and faithfulness. What better virtues could an opal engagement ring have? Another option for October is the Tourmaline which also comes in many colors and is thought to bring luck, creativity and romance. Either way, it would be hard to go wrong with these two lovely gems.

November : Topaz

Topaz are most commonly yellow, yellow-gold, orange, and brown with various shades in between. These are similar in color to the yellow Citrine which is also considered a November gemstone. The difficulty with topaz is that it’s sometimes hard to identify because depending on the color, it can look like many other gemstones. The most common and popular color on the market today is the blue topaz that has an ethereal quality about it. Regardless of the color, topaz rings are always beautiful and impressive especially when formally set in a topaz engagement ring.

December : Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the best known opaque gemstones and dates back before 3000 B.C. It is striking and will make a charming engagement ring that every December girl would cherish. So consider a turquoise ring if you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to the traditional diamond.

In 2002 Tanzanite was officially added to the list of December birthstones by the American Gem Trade Association and has a wonderful magical quality about. As a result tanzanite rings have become increasingly popular for both their beauty and exclusivity.

You will be asked about your ring by someone, at some point in your life—whether you go with a diamond ring, a birthstone ring or a gemstone ring. They all make beautiful rings that will be cherished for generations.  However only gemstones offer endless color combinations and choices.

That’s why unique gemstone engagement rings are always a conversation starter. Imagine the fun you’ll have when you explain the significance behind your choice of rings.  In fact, you might inspire the admirer to feel more free when they choose their own.