Online Engagement Ring Size Chart

Our engagement ring size chart & international conversions table is designed to help with the different classifications for ring sizes found throughout the world.

Wedding bands and engagement ring with ruler

If you need to measure for ring size first, we offer a printable ring size guide PDF that includes a ring size chart in actual sizes. Simply place an existing ring on top of the illustrated sizes to get your measurement.

Ring size chart Click on the image at right to download and print the file.

The ring size chart works for engagement rings, wedding rings, or any ring for that matter.

And for measuring ring size from a finger, we provide a sizing tool which you cut out and wrap around the finger to get the measurement. Just follow the instructions included on the page.

US, Canada
UK, Ireland, Australia,
NZ, South Africa
China, Japan,
South America
IndiaItaly, Spain,
3F4-4.2514.07 mm44.2 mm
3 1/4F 1/2554.7514.27 mm44.8 mm
3 1/2G--5.514.48 mm45.5 mm
4H7-6.7514.88 mm46.8 mm
4 1/4H 1/2-77.515.09 mm47.4 mm
4 1/2I88815.29 mm48 mm
5J 1/29-9.2515.7 mm49.3 mm
5 1/4K-101015.9 mm50 mm
5 1/2K 1/210-10.516.1 mm50.6 mm
6L 1/2111211.7516.51 mm51.9 mm
6 1/4M12-12.516.71 mm52.5 mm
6 1/2M 1/2131313.2516.92 mm53.1 mm
7N 1/2141414.517.32 mm54.4 mm
7 1/4O-151517.53 mm55.1 mm
7 1/2O 1/215-15.7517.73 mm55.7 mm
8P 1/216171718.14 mm57 mm
8 1/4Q--17.518.34 mm57.6 mm
8 1/2Q 1/2171818.2518.54 mm58.3 mm
9R 1/218-19.518.95 mm59.5 mm
9 1/4S-2020.2519.15 mm60.2 mm
9 1/2S 1/2192120.7519.35 mm60.8 mm
10T 1/220222219.76 mm62.1 mm
10 1/4U212322.7519.96 mm62.7 mm
10 1/2U 1/222-23.2520.17 mm63.4 mm
11V 1/2232524.7520.57 mm64.6 mm
11 1/4W--25.2520.78 mm65.3 mm
11 1/2W 1/224262620.98 mm65.9 mm
12X 1/2252727.2521.39 mm67.2 mm
12 1/4Y-2827.7521.59 mm67.8 mm
12 1/2Z26-28.521.79 mm68.5 mm

Figure Out Her Ring Size {On The Sly}

Some guys want to make the entire engagement ring-thing a complete surprise. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way.

Engagement Rings, Trickery & the Foolproof Method

One sure-fire way of figuring out her ring size AND what kind of engagement ring she would like is through a little trickery. Tell her that you want to buy a new watch. You’re tired of never wearing one now that you carry a phone everywhere. Then take her out shopping.

Once she’s in the jewelry store we guarantee that she’ll look at other things besides watches. You’ll get a great sense of her taste in jewelry within a few minutes of being in the store.

Engage her in conversation about what she’s looking at and her likes and dislikes. You can learn as much from watching and listening to her while she’s looking at pendants and bracelets as you can from studying her reactions to rings.

If you still need more clues about her taste and she hasn’t headed over towards the engagement rings, gently prompt her in that direction.

Want to completely take all the guess work out?

Speak to a salesperson at the jewelry store prior to going “watch shopping” and tell them the situation and why you are there. Have them lead your girl towards the engagement rings and prompt her for her likes and dislikes.

Get them to tease the two of you about getting engaged and have them make her try on some rings. Not only will you learn what she likes but they’ll also get her exact ring size for you.

Other Ways To Figure Out Her Engagement Ring Size

1Ask her friends for help. Next time they’re on a girls night out, have her friends bring up the rings they’re wearing in conversation. They can discuss their likes and dislikes and try on each other’s rings for fun.  (This can also help you figure out what kind of engagement ring she may want). It’s likely that one of the rings will be a close, if not perfect fit so take that friend’s ring to your local jeweler to determine the size.

2Give her one of your rings. She’ll presume you want her to wear it on a chain around her neck but tell her you want it to be more of a promise ring and can have it resized. Ask her if she knows her ring size, tell her you’ll look into sizing it and then change the subject.

3Go costume jewelry shopping with her. Tell her you want to buy her a gift and have her try on some rings. Test a bunch out on different fingers keeping in mind which one fits her ring finger best and ask for the size. Buy her a cheap fun ring and walk out of the store knowing that you got what you came for.

4If she has a ring that she already wears on her ring finger, grab it next time she takes it off to do some messy work or shower. Then simply place the ring on a piece of paper and run a pencil around the inside of the ring and take the drawing to the jewelers. You can also push the ring into a soft bar of soap so that it leaves an impression. Or use our downloadable engagement ring size chart actual size to get her size.

5Finally, if she’s a deep sleeper, cut a piece of string and wrap it around her ring finger marking the point of intersection with a felt pen.

We hope our online engagement ring size chart was helpful. There are so many slight variations in sizing from country to country but it should help point you in the right direction.