The Expert’s Engagement Ring Quiz

This engagement ring quiz is designed to help you understand your future fiancée and her sense of style. She’s likely been dreaming about her engagement ring and proposal since she saw Cinderella for the first time.

Engagement ring box with a question mark to represent a quiz

So show her that you care more about her than anything else in the world. You’ll need to figure out the perfect engagement ring, the perfect place to do it, and the perfect proposal, tailor made for the love of your life. You need to show her that you’ve thought deeply about what she would like, not necessarily what you would like. No pressure! ;-)

Hopefully our quiz will alleviate some of that pressure.

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OK our engagement ring quiz isn’t a scientific test and there are no calculations of statistical accuracy. However, we do think it’ll give you some pretty good ideas on what type of girl your fiancée is and how to match that up against engagement rings and your proposal.