Sample Engagement Party Speeches

These sample engagement party speeches from a bride, groom, parents and friends are designed to give you a starting point for writing your own.

Guy holding a microphone making a speech

Like we’ve said before for both toasts & speeches, organize your thoughts by following our guidelines for engagement speeches. That’s really the best way to make sure that you’re successful.

Write out your notes and craft a good engagement speech or toast based on the information you gather. It’ll make it so much easier to write that way.

Let’s start with some sample engagement party speeches from the soon-to-be bride and groom. Then we’ll move on to the other most likely speech givers.

Sample Engagement Party Speech from the Bride

“A little secret that some of you guys may not know, but every girl has either a wedding scrapbook or at the very least some really clear thoughts in her head about the guy she will marry, and how it’s all going to play out.

We think of the proposal. How we hope it happens, even though we have little input in that process—we’re supposed to be surprised.

When I first met Rich, I of course thought, could I be with this guy forever? The closer we got, the more apparent it was to me that I could. And the longer we dated I caught myself wondering when, and if, he would propose.

After two years, I started thinking maybe he’d never ask.  I dropped a couple of hints. OK, a lot of hints. But when he eventually asked me, I was totally caught off guard and excited.

I have to tell you guys that I never thought I would find anyone as perfect as Rich.

I kissed a lot of frogs, as they say, and now I have found my prince.

Rich, my sweetheart and soul mate—I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

A Speech or Toast from the Soon-to-be-Groom:

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ear. I come to bury Caesar…. No, wait a second, I mean, I come to marry Caesar, or in this case, Cathie.

OK, look, guys, I am just as surprised as you are to be standing here announcing my engagement. I held out as long as I could.

When we met, I was a happy-go-lucky bachelor, but I am here to tell you that my life is better and fuller with her in it.

We have been together over three years now. Sometimes I just figured we were already married, it all feels so natural and normal. But then it hit me. I thought I better formalize this thing, or she’s gonna walk, and find someone else.

I definitely don’t want to miss out on being the happiest man in the world. So last weekend I got down on one knee and begged her to marry me.

I am sure some of you are shocked that she said yes, but she did, and I couldn’t be more excited. So please join me in raising a glass to the future Mrs. John Barber—before she changes her mind.”

Now some sample engagement party speeches from the parents of the bride- and groom-to-be. In another article we provide specific examples of sample engagement speeches from a father, if that’s what you’re looking for—but read all of them because you never know what will inspire you.

Engagement Speech or Toast: Parent of the Bride

“Some young men might be nervous asking a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Actually, when Rodney came to talk to me, I thought he was going to ask for money. So when he asked about marrying Julie, I was relieved.

He wasn’t nervous at all, he was confident and clear. I admire that.  And I didn’t have to think very long before giving him a hug and a hearty “yes”.

I remembered when I asked my wife’s father the same question, and how scared I was that he would find a reason for us not to get married. I can’t think of one reason for my daughter not to marry you. On the contrary, I can think of several why she should.

I look forward to your wedding, and lots of little grandchildren running around my yard. OK, maybe not lots, but some. Please kids, before I am too old to enjoy them.

Friends, please raise your glasses and join Margie and me in welcoming Rodney into the family.”

Sample Engagement Party Speech: Groom’s Parent

“Hello there, for all of you that don’t know me, I’m Jack’s mom, Liz.

I’m a little nervous. But when Jack asked me to say a few words I couldn’t say ‘no’ to my baby.  Don’t give me that look, honey, you’ll always be my baby.

I want to address Courtney a moment. Courtney, when Jack first brought you home, I liked you immediately. You were so cute and sweet, and I thought it was charming that you were nervous. But you soon found out that we don’t bite, and you fit in perfectly.

Jack’s father and I are actually relieved. Frankly, we thought he would be this grumpy old bachelor, with mismatched socks and permanent stubble.

I cannot wait for you to be married, I am thrilled to have you as part of our little family. Take care of our boy—it’s a job I pass on with honor, and a job I highly recommend.”

Finally, to complete our list of sample engagement party speeches, here is what a friend of the couple might say…

Sample Engagement Party Speech / Toast: Friend

“When Julianne asked me to give a speech tonight at this party, I thought I didn’t know what I would say. But then I thought, yeah, I do have a few things to say about this engagement.

When a bunch of us first met Todd, we thought, what’s wrong with this guy, why is he still single? He seemed too perfect—Is he gay? An ex convict, what?

The more time I spent around them, I could see why she was crazy about this guy. He is really smart, and a lot of fun. I can’t believe she found someone that loves pugs as much as she does. I haven’t heard the wedding plans, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their attendants were all pugs. Don’t get any ideas, guys!

Seriously, they seem to fit perfectly, and I believe that if someone is a perfect fit, don’t let them get away. I love how you have joined your lives together while still being individuals. I love how you support each other—like the way Todd stayed in the hospital when your father had his accident, Juls.

You guys know we are behind you 100%. I hope you are as happy as I have been with my husband. Or even happier! Hip, hip, hooray!

We hope these sample engagement party speeches inspired you for the one you’re about to write. If you need some help getting started, read about one of the easiest ways to gather the ingredients needed for crafting your own engagement party speech.