Engagement Party Invitations

Engagement party invitations are your first chance to make a great impression. Think of them as your little ambassadors!

We all want our parties to be successful, but when our party is in honor of others we have an added responsibility to get things just right.  And that starts with your invitations. They don’t have to cost a lot, they don’t have to be in a traditional format, they just need to make a positive first impression and set the tone for the party.

Pink envelopes tied with a ribbon on a desktop with a cup of tea and cookies

As with all our party tips, the most important things are: know your budget, know your guests, and know the couple!

By keeping these 3 elements in mind, everything can be appropriate. If he proposed at Disneyland because they had their first date there, why not use Mickey and Minnie invitations? If they met at the library during college, why not create bookmark invitations? Having a backyard cocktail party? Think about creating invitations that look like seed packets.

Anything can work if you keep an open mind. Just remember to be respectful of the couple and their guests.

Printed, Personalized Engagement Party Invitations

We love scouring the web to see what’s out there, or sitting down at a stationery store and pouring over the catalogues.

Different styles of invitations available online

There are so many different types and styles online  (like the invitations above) that can be personalized and delivered to your door within days.

Just think about the style of party you’re having and make sure the invitations are in sync.

If you’re doing a backyard barbecue, find something that matches that theme. Having an elegant cocktail party? Choose something that reflects it. If it’s a black tie affair, make sure your invitations are in keeping with the formal attire and the evening that’s planned.

Handmade or Handwritten Party Invitations

Getting something by snail mail is a real treat these days! (as long as it isn’t bills or junk). If you see a ready-made invitation online or in a party store that will suit your needs, by all means use it. Simply fill in the blanks (if your penmanship isn’t great find someone who can write them out for you) and drop them in the mailbox.

DIY Engagement Party Invitations

If you want to create your own invitation, grab a terrific image of the couple from their Facebook page or snap one yourself, photocopy it on card stock (or print it on photo-paper) and write out your party details next to the image.

DIY invitations with party details and the couple's picture

Set up a postcard format on the back-side and pop it in the mail.

If you go this home-made printed route, print them 3-up on 8.5″ X 11″ paper. Once printed cut each one out and you’ll get 3 out of every sheet.

Let your crafty side take over, involve other friends and have fun creating the invitation. Use the postcard format or go for a more traditional approach. Buy some blank cards and envelopes, print up the cards with the party details (leaving space for a picture) and glue your picture onto the card.

If you’re not sure about setting things up on your own, you’ll soon be able to download one of our free engagement party invitations where everything is set up for you. Need help with what to write? Read our article on wording for engagement party invitations.

Unique Engagement Party Invitation Ideas

There is no limit to what you can do! This is a joyous and fun occasion so start thinking outside the box! Think about the party itself, the couple, and the venue and let your imagination run wild…

Having a barbecue in your backyard for the happy couple? Why not make some clever invitations to go with the backyard party theme?

Real Coke bottle with cardboard tag as a party invitation

In this case, we used Coke bottles, to suggest the casual and fun atmosphere being planned, with simple tags that can be bought in any stationery store. Fun, easy, and cheap!

Hand-deliver them or have a neighborhood kid do it for you. Either way it sets the tone and shows everyone how much fun your party will be!

Soft drinks and sodas not your thing? How about a flower instead?

Real daisy flower with a tag for party invitation details

Having an elegant and fancy affair? Do something similar but instead of a daisy use a single Calla Lilly (or any flower that will decorate the party itself) and a fancy tag.

The point is engagement party invites don’t have to be on paper, use any object that’s easy to find, is within your budget, and reflects the type of party you’re going to have.

Go this route and we guarantee that the invitations will be one of the stars of the party and consistently discussed by the guests!

Electronic (email) Engagement Party Invitations

We love email but aren’t big fans of using it for really special events like weddings and engagements. The little things that make these events special are details like paper invitations delivered by hand or via snail mail.

With that in mind, Evite and other free online invitation sites offer clever templates and help keep your guest list organized. You can even make changes to the date, time, or provide any last minute updates and your guests will automatically be notified.

You can also design your own email invitations and send them out. From a simple note, to a clever more complicated invite that includes hyper-links, links to gift registries and maps—electronic invites have some great benefits!

We can’t stress enough how many times it happens that important details are missing or wrong…

Make sure that your engagement party invitations have ALL the necessary information. Double check that the 12th really is a Saturday, and that your RSVP contact information is correct.

Let them be as cute, clever or classic as you want, but the information must be clear and precise.

Have fun and enjoy the party!

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