Bling-O! Bridal Shower Bingo

Perfect for Engagement Parties Too!

Bling-O! our bridal shower bingo game is the perfect party game! It’s played just like traditional Bingo but instead of numbers, Bling-O! uses images and phrases about a couple’s courtship, engagement, wedding, honeymoon and marriage.

If you’re looking for an ice breaker for an engagement party, a fun bridal shower game or an exciting wedding activity, this game is a great fit!

Tiffany blue bingo cards with candy markers

Bling-O!  Bridal Shower Bingo with Wedding Related Themes

A traditional Bingo board uses the numbers 1 through 75 and has 5 columns labeled B, I, N, G, O.  The numbers 1 through 15 are constrained to the ‘B’ column, 16-30 to the ‘I’ column, 31-45 in the ‘N’ column and so on…

Our game is played exactly the same way as regular Bingo but instead of numbers Bling-O! uses images and phrases. Each image and phrase is associated to a couple’s past, present, and future.  And, each individual column has its own theme.

Column B is all about a couple’s courtship.
Column I contains things related to their engagement.
Column N is all about the wedding.
Column G is about the honeymoon.
Column O contains images and phrases related to married life.

Bingo card showing different wedding related themes in each column

The themes make Bling-O! perfect as a bridal shower game, an engagement party game or wedding activity. They’re almost like a game within a game and an ideal ice-breaker.

Bridal Shower Bingo: Add A Special Twist as Squares are Called

Bingo squares with different themesThis is an optional twist that adds an extra layer of fun to the game. As each square is called you can put the couple or your guests on the spot by asking them questions related to the topics that come up.

Drill the bride & groom on some of the topics
Things like… Where was your first lunch date? Dinner date? What was the marriage proposal like?

Have guests guess the correct answers to the called phrases…
Things like… Who will be taking out the garbage? What’s their ideal destination for the honeymoon? What style wedding dress will she wear?

Ask guests for their own response to anything the Caller says….
Where was their first kiss? Was it love at first sight for them? Do they remember their first party as a married couple?

How Bling-O! Works

Our Bling-O! package comes with 25 fun and unique Bingo cards but for a LIMITED TIME WE ARE OFFERING 25 BONUS CARDS along with the Caller Sheets, a full set of Instructions and Bingo Game rules–all in High-Resolution printable PDF format.

Including the BONUS, that’s 50 unique card combinations which means  you can have up to 50 players participate!

Printer with Bingo Card(You’ll need Adobe Reader to view and print the PDF. If you don’t already have it download it here for free.)

All you need is a printer and you’re good to go!

Simply print out as many Bingo Cards as you need. They’ve been designed in a Tiffany Blue color scheme to add that extra bridal touch.

Next print out the Call Sheets. There are 4 of them in total and contain all 75 theme-based elements. These are what the Caller of the game will call out to the players… ‘B-Sweet Hearts‘, N-Wedding Dress‘ and so on…

Bingo card showing different wedding related themes in each column

Print 1 copy of each of the four Call Sheets and cut along the dotted lines so that you end up with a single image and the column it’s found in (like B-Sweet Hearts shown above). Fold each piece in two, place it in a bowl and you’re done!

Bling-O! is the ultimate wedding and bridal shower bingo game. Just download and print. No need to wait or pay for shipping! It comes with everything you need.

We love the idea of using Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses as the markers!  (Give them to your guests as party favors after the game).  You can use any type of candy, pennies, or even little stickers…

Bingo card showing different wedding related themes in each column

If time isn’t on your side and you need to start playing right away, we include a Marker sheet which you can print and distribute to your guests as part of the package.

That’s it! You’re ready to play. Playing Bingo at a wedding shower or engagement party is always fun and having a theme-style game makes it even better.

You get…  25 Unique Printable Bingo cards

25 Themed bingo cards and 25 bonus cards

4 Call Sheets with 75 individual Bridal & Wedding Images

25 Themed bingo cards and 25 bonus cards

Bingo Rules, Winning Patterns, Marker Sheets for Players

Package contents showing instructions, rules and markers

You get the whole package for $14.99 Just $9.99

Once you buy it, the game is yours to keep. You can play it over and over again. Even share your copy with friends. It’s just like owning your own board game.

As an ADDED BONUS we’ll throw in these 7 fun wedding-related winning bingo patterns. Print them up and tell players which pattern they need to fill out for any particular game.

7 bonus wedding related bingo winning patterns

These theme-based winning patterns take your average Bingo game to the next ‘bridal’ level. With this bonus, you get the winning patterns for a diamond, heart, flower, top hat, wedding cake, bow, and champagne glass that bring even more variations to the game!

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We’re so excited about Bling-O! our absolute favorite bridal shower bingo game. We’ve had groups play it at bridal showers, engagement parties and informal weddings,  and everyone had a blast. We can’t wait for you to try it too!