Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas For Your Engagement

For most of us, Tiffany blue wedding ideas scream weddings and engagements! For North Americans that Tiffany blue box is synonymous with getting down on one knee. That’s what makes it the perfect theme for weddings and engagement parties. Let’s face it, Tiffany blue has become a color with a tradition, kind of like red and green at Christmas!

Different decorations in classic tiffany blue

By simply using the color you add instant glamour and style to your event while reinforcing the reason for the celebration.  That’s what makes it an ideal theme for any occasion surrounding your nuptials. Like with any party theme, it can be used for an elegant event, a casual affair, or a scaled-down wedding or engagement party. It’s all in the details!

Tiffany Blue Color Ideas For Weddings & Engagements

The color itself is protected by a color trademark so what you’ll find on the market are slight variations. They look exactly the same and will give you that desirable effect of a Tiffany blue wedding or engagement party.

Band of color in Tiffany Blue

Use one or two accent colors to really highlight the richness of the color. The obvious choices are black and white—it’s the purest and most formal combination for a Tiffany theme, especially for weddings.

Band of color of Tiffany blue with black

We personally like a 70-30 mix for the blue to black. We don’t really count the white as a color in our palette because it will naturally appear in dishes and various other places like invitations, labels, favors, flowers etc.

Band of color of Tiffany blue with black silve and gold

After black, comes silver and gold which remind us of the precious metals used in Tiffany & Co. jewelry. These will give a formal look to your event. Use gold or silver (not both) as an accent in smaller quantities for best results.

Band of color of Tiffany blue with earthy tones in tans and moss greens

Looking for a less formal idea? You can still use Tiffany blue for a wedding or engagement party if you’re going for a more casual look by pairing it with neutrals. It works really well with earth-tones creating a color scheme that’s ideal for outdoor parties, tropical settings, and backyard affairs.

Tiffany Blue Invitation Ideas for Weddings & Engagements

Party invitations in Tiffany Blue and blackYour invitations are so important for setting up your party theme. It’s the first thing your guests experience that relates to the party.

As they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression so make sure to include the color in your invitations.

Whether the party you’re planning is formal or casual, it’s important to carry the same palette throughout every aspect. It’s these little details that will make your party special and your color theme successful.

If you like the invitations and decals pictured, you can find them here.

Tiffany Blue Party Ideas

The best way to make a big impression is to use inexpensive decorations and lots of them!

Having many (and we mean, the more the better) of the same items adds a visual rhythm to a party’s decor and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

No matter what venue you choose, the ceiling is going to be the place where you can add that WOW factor! It’s a large surface which begs to be adorned with decorations.

Helium filled Tiffany blue balloons at the ceiling

Go for large paper PomPoms, hanging ornaments, and balloons. Having lots and lots of any decoration will really transform a space. And…They’re all inexpensive so you get a lot of bang for you buck!

Formal Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas

For a formal look, use white. White dishes, white linens and couple it with clear glass and crystal to create a clean and elegant look.

Different decorations and ideas using Tiffany blue

Go to your local dollar store or container store and get some cardboard boxes. Spray paint them or cover them in Tiffany blue colored paper from your local art supply store, add a white satin ribbon and you’ll have a some great display pieces. Use them as party decorations, or place a tin can inside to hold flowers.

TIffany Blue boxes with white ribbon and cupcake signs

Get different sizes and stack them on a display table for an interesting and elegant tablescape.

Less Formal Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas for Engagement Parties too!

For a more casual look, pair your signature color with a rustic feeling and rich textures. The burlap table runner works so well here with the paper cut-out name holders tied to the cutlery with a simple piece of rope.

Place settings and decorative details and ideas for a Tiffany Blue Wedding

The punches of the Tiffany blue color against the neutrals and textures gives the overall look a lot of style. The important part of a successful party theme is carrying the same concepts throughout…. like with this clever cake topper.

Tiered Chocolate cake with strawberry decorations and a flag banner with Tiffany Blue Xs and Os

Who would have thought that clothespins, burlap and a little paint could be so chic!

Tiffany blue wedding ideas are really all about the color. It’s the perfect theme for an engagement party or wedding. It gives a lot of flexibility and doesn’t overshadow the event like other themes can.

The color is merely a starting point to express your own creativity and the mood of the party. So use the color as a starting point and then decide what type of feeling you want. Go funky, elegant, traditional, casual, whatever best suits your style.