Mexican Fiesta Party Invitation, Say Olé!

A fiesta is a great way to bring color and vibrancy to any party starting with the invitations and working a Mexican theme right through to the food, decorations and those oh, so important smaller details which we often forget about it.

A fiesta is all about having fun and sets the tone of the party so make sure to let your guests know what a great and festive time they’re going to have even before they get to the party…and that starts with the invitations!

Your fiesta party invitations should tell your guests what to expect. Will it be a casual bash? A more elegant shin-dig? A sophisticated soirée?

A Fiesta, Mexican or Cinco de Mayo theme can be all of those things. It’s up to you to decide which way you want to go and the first clue for your guests will be in what kind of invitation you choose to use.

Designer Fiesta Party Invitations | Modern & Elegant

There is certainly no shortage of colors and pattern when it comes to a Mexican theme so we challenged our design team to come up with 3 different approaches for more elegant and sophisticated invitations for a Fiesta!

The first set uses hot chilies for imagery. What do you think of when you see a jalapeno? Ha! We thought so…

Fiesta Party Invitations with a Jalapeno design

We are so excited about these! They are two-sided invitations that set a sophisticated and playful tone to your party. Très Chic…or better yet Mucho Chic!

The black & white pepper illustration with the colorful Fiesta band below will coordinate perfectly with any party colors you’re going with. You can personalize every bit of text to suit your event.

Say Olé! With A Striped Fiesta Party Invitation

This next set is all about color! Nothing says Olé! like stripes in a color palette that exudes a Mexican flavor.

The format and design is traditional and elegant but the bright random stripes totally set these invites apart. What will they say about your party? It’s going to be the perfect bash with touches of style and sophistication.

A Modern Fiesta Party Invitation

How about a modern and contemporary Fiesta look with lots of color and energy?

Heart shaped graphic modern fiesta party invitation

The front of the card has the letters in the word FIESTA with an overlaid heart while on the back the same letters run down the side along with the party info. This invitation will tell your guests to get ready for some fabulousness and fun!

A Formal & Elegant Fiesta Party Invitation

These were designed specifically for a more formal affair. They certainly are elegant, but can work for any type of party with a sophisticated edge. The circular imagery is based on a Mexican paper lantern with an elegant typeface to match and in a refined two-color palette.

green and orange, pink and turquoise party invitations

Our designers have been hard at work creating all these amazing Fiesta invitations. They are all easily personalized online and are delivered to your door in days.

Matching Stamps For Fiesta Party Invitations

All our invitations come with white envelopes and if you’re lucky enough to live in the U.S. you can also get our designer’s coordinated official U.S. postage stamps.

2019 UPDATE: Unfortunately the stamps are no longer available.

Stamps with Mexican fiesta designs

All the invitations on this page and the stamps are available in the Fiesta Section of our Zazzle Shop…Click on the banner below to check it out.


Mexican Fiesta Party Invitation

Playful Mexican Theme Party Invitations

If you’re looking for just plain old fun with your invitations always remember to think outside the box.

Mexican fiesta party invitation ideas with pinata motif and a sombreroYou can go with store-bought colorful invitations or wow your guests with party sombrero invitations!

Tie some hot peppers around the brim, print out the party details on festive colored paper and you’re good to go.

The sombrero shown here costs $1.99 and is sized for adults so your guests can wear them to the party adding to the fun and atmosphere of your event.

The sombrero and standard invitations shown here come from our favorite go-to supplier for Mexican theme party supplies. They have a lot of great stuff for all your party decor needs as well.

A Fiesta party invitation can be playful, fun, elegant, sophisticated, and everything in between. The first step is to decide on what type of Fiesta you’re having. Then make sure that your invitations follow suit so your guests get excited about what’s to come.

Olé! Let the Fiesta begin!

Fiesta Party Invitations