Engagement Party Decorations, Ideas & Themes

Coming up with great ideas for engagement party decorations is easy when you know where to start. Designers and professional party decorators know that starting any kind of project must begin with a theme or concept.

Girl blowing purple petals with with purple and pink flowers and lanterns in the background

The theme can be a concept (like a casino, fiesta, or beach party) or color-based, where the only tie-in for the decorations is your color palette.  It’s all about starting somewhere and having some guidelines to work with, to help you decide what to pick and how to decorate.

Keep in mind this is an engagement party, and already has an underlying theme (the engagement itself). So use your party theme to set the tone, decorate, and make your event extra-special, but be careful not to let it overshadow the main reason for the celebration. It’s the reason that a color based approach is the most common.

Color Your World & Engagement

Create atmosphere with color!  The easiest way to create atmosphere is by choosing a color palette and infusing it through all aspects of the party.

For example, use white or cream as one of your colors. Use white dishes (that you probably already own) and pair the white up with a vibrant color. Yellow, orange, blue, purple, everything works with white.

Colors can be brought in through napkins, balloons, flowers, streamers, table cloths, place mats, foliage, candles, name cards etc…

Unless you have professional party decorators, we recommend going with one or two colors maximum (plus white or cream).  It’s difficult to get the same impact with multiple color party schemes unless you’re a professional.

A few limited colors used throughout the space makes it easy to create a festive and celebratory atmosphere for your engagement party.

Single Mum with a rainbow of colors
Table setting based on a purple white and green color theme
Engagement Party Table Decorations

It’s easy to create an interesting tablescape with 3 simple designer tricks:

  1. Limit color:  It gives huge visual impact. Here, we use the 3 color maximum rule and chose green, purple, & white. Notice the green of our color scheme is only used in foliage and purple is only used in accessories.
  2. Use repetition: By repeating colors, texture and/or materials throughout a table or space creates interest and excitement.
  3. Use different heights: It adds to the visuals and makes the eye bounce around across the table.

Those are exactly the tricks we use here.  And, we specifically chose cheap decorations to show that you can create that WOW factor at any budget. So, let’s break it down…

Greenery is used throughout the table. It fills glass containers and boxes, and frames a bowl of plums. Look how great a glass milk bottle looks when we fill it with the same greenery. When you use the same materials in different ways across the table or space, everything looks better. The best part about using foliage as your ‘green’ is that it brings color and texture to your decorations. And, it’s really cheap compared to flowers which means you can use a lot.

Finally, for the purple part of our color scheme. We went to the dollar store and found dark plastic berries that we spray painted and scattered across the table. Used purple in our napkins and candles. Finally, we bought a few large purple alliums. We love the round balls on long stems. They work so well as a single flower in a thin vase and we don’t need to spend money on whole bouquets. As for our centerpiece, a bowl of plums—all for under $30.

Engagement Party Decoration Ideas

You can use party decorations sparingly around a room or go with a real show-stopping design—it really boils down to the type of atmosphere and tone you want to set for the event.  But, if you really want that ‘wow’ factor as guests come in you need to consider all of the surfaces in the space. Yep, that means walls, floors, and especially the ceiling. Along with the various tables and other smaller surfaces within the room itself.

Engagement Party Decorations For Walls

Think about props that might go with your theme. Many party supply stores sell inexpensive props that can add a lot of punch to a room.

We also love the idea of a photo wall. Adorn a wall with photos of the couple from childhood right through their courtship and engagement. It’s a great way to have the guests learn more about each of them and is a real conversation starter.

Cut outs, which are large pre-made designs are a great way to bring atmosphere to a room. They’re usually made out of card stock or paper and are really inexpensive.

To add a ton of impact buy hardboard/masonite sheets from your local hardware store. They come in 4X8 foot sheets and can easily be painted to match any color scheme. They’re only 1/8th of an inch think, lightweight, and can be hung on a wall just like a painting. Paint them with chalkboard paint and have your guests sign it (then seal it with spray varnish as a keepsake). Or cover the sheets in wall paper, fun fabrics, ribbons or anything else your heart desires.

Custom wall decals are another great way to decorate your party walls. Use a picture of the couple or any other subject and let your walls speak for themselves.

Engagement Party Decoration Ideas For Ceilings

Ceilings are one of the best and easiest ways to change the atmosphere in a room. They’re the ideal large surface and the perfect blank canvas.

Helium filled balloons are inexpensive and will transform any space in a manner of minutes. Be sure to have some great colored ribbon dangling from them and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it creates a party atmosphere.

Paper lanterns and fans are another great way of setting a party mood. Hang them across a back wall or all around the room. They’re cheap and will give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Oversized tissue paper pom poms can be very elegant and add dimension and texture to a ceiling. They come in a ton of colors and will give a room lots of depth and whimsy.

Purple Green and gold decorations and mardi gras mask and beads
Engagement Party Themes & Decorations

Deciding on an engagement party theme is the first step in having a fabulous party. Think about what you love to do, your lifestyle, who you are as a couple, how you met, fell in love, or how he proposed, and use one or more of those elements to create your theme.

Did you get engaged or first meet in Vegas? If so consider a Casino Night. Did you first fall in love in New Orleans? Try a Mardi Gras party. Love to watch movies together? Turn that into a Hollywood party theme. When you see the color Tiffany Blue does it scream romance for you? Then use the color as your party theme.

The point is your party theme can be just about anything but in order to make it personal you need to make it relevant to the two of you. It can be based on a color scheme, a country, movie, novel, the types of people you are, or anything else you can think of.

Themed Engagement Parties: It’s all in the Details

From your invitations to your food, beverages and decorations—they all need to work with your theme, no matter what it is.

Having a casual backyard barbecue? Turn it into an outdoor theme by thinking up some clever ways of using your backyard as a stage and elements from within it as part of your decor.

First, the invitations because they set the tone for the party. They’re also the first impression your guests will have about your event so try to make them as special as the party itself. Like this fabulous simple daisy with a tag party invitation (you can use a flower from your backyard or a florist).

Daisy with tag as party invitation

You don’t need a big budget to make your theme a success, you just need a little imagination. Bring some elements from inside your house outside to set up a bar along the wall or simply to make a visually interesting display.

For centerpieces look around your house and yard…basic votive candles, burlap, moss, and succulents from your garden can turn into a striking display.

different backyard and outdoor party decorations

Mix and match whatever you’d like. It’ll all work together if they’re connected through a theme.

10 Best Engagement Party Themes

Masquerade Party: Simple or sophisticated, a Masquerade party will transform your event and your guests into a magical celebration. For a simple affair, think about just providing hats or hand-held masks. For a sophisticated and elegant over-the-top event get inspired by the Carnival of Venice.

Ooh La La!  – A Parisian Theme: The city of lights and romance is the perfect backdrop for your indoor or outdoor event.

Hollywood Glamour: A Hollywood themed party is all about glitz and glamor. Choose a single movie (think La La Land) or the whole industry and bring tinsel town to your party!

Casino Night: Think James Bond in Casino Royale and give your party that same elegant touch. Bring in your own funny-money adorned with the couple’s picture and you’ve got a winning combination for a casino themed party.

Tiffany Blue: Nothing says romance and courtship in North America like the iconic color known as Tiffany Blue. It’s the perfect understated and elegant theme that can be dressed up or down to suit your personal style.

Mexican Fiesta: Say Olé! while your guests enjoy these Mexican fiesta party ideas. Also, check out our fabulous Fiesta party invitation designs. This is one theme that’s easy on the budget and wonderful on the eyes.

Diamonds and Bling!: Nothing says “wedding engagement” like diamonds, and everyone loves a little Bling! so what could be better than a theme that combines the two. Think rhinestones, crystal, cut glass and turn your party into a sparkly event!

Retro:  The 60s and 70s lend themselves really well to a groovy or funky affair. It’s a playful theme full of fun, color, and surprises. Who doesn’t like lava lamps, peace signs, and tie-dye? For a more demure crowd go late 50s early 60s and bring on the Mad Men.

Luau: Transform your party in to a Polynesian wonderland with tiki torches, floral leis, grasses and exotic drinks. It’s the perfect theme for night time outdoor parties.

Carnival Theme: Both young and old will enjoy a hometown Carnival theme. Photo booths, games and fun make it the perfect theme for an afternoon and outdoor event.

different Mexican and Fiesta Party decorationstiffany blue cake on a pink stand with pink flowers and tiffany blue and white decorations
Red, white and black casino party decorationsGold decorations, oscar statue, champagne and strawberries in a Hollywood theme

The most successful engagement party decorations and ideas are about sticking to a theme. Run your theme through all aspects paying special attention to the details. Edit and remove anything that doesn’t work with your theme and we guarantee your engagement party will have people talking for years to come.