Wedding Related Engagement Gifts & Ideas

Wedding related engagement gifts are gifts that celebrate the wedding. There are all sorts of fun options to help the couple prepare for their big day, from wedding planners, to name-change kits, to honeymoon preparations and everything in between.

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Personalized Wedding Journals, Planners & Address Books

With a zillion things to get done before the big day, it’s hard to keep track of everything. These wonderfully chic and personalized wedding journals will help keep things in order. They take on the role of ‘official  Notebooks’ for any wedding related tasks for the couple or those that they delegate to.

Think about how fun it is for everyone to have their lists on customized journals that celebrate the couple’s upcoming union. They come in 3 formats, journals, monthly or weekly planners, and address books. Get one format or several, either way they will love the thought that went into such a unique and practical gift.

Personalized wedding journals and organizers

We like ordering a few so that they can be distributed to all the key players (bride, groom, in-laws, best man and maid of honor).  With tons of customizable options, you can add their name, change colors, and include a picture of the couple to make these notebooks and journals from uniquely theirs. In truth, we love everything they offer. There are so many great gift ideas on their site.

If the happy couple had an engagement shoot let them know your plan and ask them for some of the pictures. If they didn’t, grab some photos from Facebook, Instagram etc… and make the gift a complete surprise.

Register The Day: Engagement or Wedding Gift Idea

Officially register the happy couple’s day. The day they got engaged, the day of their engagement party, or their wedding day can be dedicated and personalized on this fabulous parchment certificate.  It makes a great addition to the decor of a couple’s new home.

We love it as an engagement gift because it’s sweet and thoughtful and celebrates a big event in their lives.

The official parchment certificate provided by MyDayRegistry also comes with an online dedication page that can be personalized with pictures, video, music, a loving message and more.

Wedding day dedication certificate gift idea

You start by choosing the day you want to register to make sure that it’s available. You then have the choice to register it by State, Country or Worldwide.

You customize the names, occasion & special event then preview the certificate before buying. It’s such a fun and clever idea.

Magazines: A Wedding Related Engagement Gift Idea

One of our favorite gifts to give for an engagement is a magazine subscription. What better way to countdown to the big day then with a bridal or wedding magazine that helps the couple decide on the details related to their wedding. Or, a travel magazine that helps them choose their honeymoon destination.  Or a foodie’s magazine to help them explore new recipes and healthier options.

It’s an easy and fun way to help a couple get their bearings on what’s to come.

Different magazines related to weddings, engagements, honeymoons and married life

There are so many magazine options. They come at every price and some are even available digitally (although we prefer to give the old fashioned paper versions). The great thing about them is that they keep coming month after month reminding the couple of your well wishes.

It’s the perfect gift. Easy on you and thoughtful for them. We’ve partnered with a big magazine distributor that offers the best deals available on over 1500 magazines with no tax and free shipping.

An Engagement Gift For After The Wedding

A practical and appreciated gift for anyone who has gone through the hassle of changing their name after getting married. HitchSwitch makes it easy. They offer various packages at every price point.

Gift Card for Name Changing Service

It’s all done through an online personal dashboard. They have a print at home package, a full service package and even a platinum package with your own personal name change concierge.

We all want to make life easier for our loved ones, and this gift is one that will do just that!

wedding related engagement gifts focus on an engaged couple’s journey to the wedding. They can be practical, whimsical or just plain fun!

As we come across more great ideas for this category of gift we’ll post them to the site so bookmark us and check back often!

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