Personalized Engagement Gifts

Personalized engagement gifts and wedding gifts are a way of celebrating two individuals who are about to become one family.

Personalized gifts are always appreciated. They tell the recipient that you took that extra step in having something custom made just for them. Most people think of a monogram when they think of personalizing a gift, but that’s only one of the options out there today.

A sofa with pillows that spell out amor and H & K

Personalized Plates & Platters

A friend of ours who lives in New Hampshire has a standard gift that she gives for both engagements and weddings. It’s a beautiful personalized bowl made by a local artisan with the names of the couple and the date of their union baked right into the glaze. Everyone who’s received one has been thrilled by it’s uniqueness and the fact that it’s personalized!

Since we don’t all know a local artisan, we scoured the web looking for a comparable gift. We found these really beautiful serving plates and platters through Modern Artisans that can be shipped throughout the U.S.

Artisan Personalized wedding platters and plates

They remind us very much of the personalized bowl of our friend and can be customized with a monogram or the couple’s full names.

Personalized Engagement & Wedding Pillows

Our design team created these whimsical personalized accent pillows to compliment any decor. They’re the perfect way of offering something tailored to the recipients and celebrate this joyful time in their lives. They also created the ‘Initial Pillows’ in the top image on this page.

Our “I Do. Me Too.” Pillows are fully customizable. Change the background color, personalize the names and tailor it to your needs. We like the warm grey our designers chose, it works beautifully with any color scheme and has a contemporary designer feel.

Different shaped pillows with congratulations sentiments

Our “Congrats” Pillows  contains a series of congratulatory sentiments along with the  couple’s names.  They’ve been a huge hit and are a part of our Congratulations Collection which also includes a matching throw blanket.

A sofa with a blanket throw on it with congratulations sentiments, saying and wishes, printed along with the name of the couple

Simply enter the happy couple’s names, customize colors and you’ve got a personalized gift that shows the recipient how happy you are about their union. Now available in a Giant Shortbread Cookie too!

Large Shortbreak cookie with engagement congratulations sayings well-wishes and sentiments along with the names of the couple

The “Linda & Robert” cookie was recently bought as a hostess gift. It was given to a family friend who was hosting a shower. It became part of the celebratory decor AND dessert table. What a great idea!

Personalize Tableware : Placemats, Napkins

Personalized cotton placemats and napkins are another great gift idea. Our designers created these wonderful placemats and matching napkins with a Tree of-Life decorative design and we are so excited to share them with you.

Red, blue, green placemats with a Tree of Life design and personalized with the names of a couple

The placemats come in two different designs and a variety of colors. One of the designs has a Corinthians verse about love that frames the Tree-of-Life floral motif, to its left are the letters L,O,V,E treated in the same decorative way.  The couple’s names and background colors are all customizable..

The other (shown in red above), contains only the floral motif with names. The coordinating napkins work with either design. All personalization is done directly online and the items shipped to your door. Visit our store today!

Personalized M&Ms® Candies

As a token gesture,  these M&Ms make a fun engagement gift.  With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can customize and personalize a gift of M&Ms. It’s a sweet tribute and a lot of fun to have bowls overflowing with these personalized treats at an engagement party.

With their “Design Your Own M&Ms” feature you can add your own text, an image, and clip art. Choose from 20 different colors and select all sorts of unique packaging. It’s all done online in about 5 minutes—we love this idea for showing the sweet couple how sweet they really are! They’re great to decorate an engagement party with or hand out as personalized party loot bags.

Personalized engagement gifts can go way beyond the monogram.  In our list of unique engagement gifts , we have the most amazing DNA art that takes personalization to the extreme!

3 paintings of DNA art based on a person's lips, fingerprint and actual DNA

It’s modern art that’s made up of the recipients DNA, lips, or fingerprint. It’s a really brilliant gift idea. Who knew that our own genes could create amazing modern art?

Nothing says, “You’re special to us” like personalized engagement gifts and wedding gifts! It shows the recipients that you went out of your way to not only find the perfect gift but also to make it theirs alone!

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