Monthly Engagement Gifts & Subscription Ideas

We call monthly engagement gifts (or wedding gifts) the gifts that keep on giving, long after the event itself.  Most major bridal publications list subscription-type gifts for engagements and weddings as one of the top 10 gift ideas. We agree!

There are so many options, from magazine subscriptions to various food and wine clubs, to gym memberships.  Just remember to choose something that makes sense for the couple as opposed to picking something that you would personally enjoy.

A calendar and 3 wrapped gifts

Food of the Month Clubs Gift Ideas

For all the foodies out there!  We all love receiving mail so what could be better for any couple than receiving a food club membership and having a monthly gift shipped right to their door?

These guys are the best monthly food club we know. They have six different clubs: cheese, wine, beer, cigars, chocolate and flowers. You can choose from one club or design your own, by mixing products from each of the clubs. They’re a professional and quality organization.

Wine and chees and grapes And, best of all, you can choose the length of the subscription from a month to a full year, it’s up to you. You can even choose bi-monthly delivery or whatever you like.

Last time we gifted a club, we designed our own for 6 shipments delivered every 2 months of the wine and cheese clubs. Our friends call us every time a new shipment arrives just to thank us again.

Think about how wonderful it is to come home after a long day and find some scrumptious cheese and a bottle of Chardonnay waiting for you.

Magazines: Monthly Engagement Gift Idea

For monthly engagement gifts, we really like magazine subscriptions because there are so many interesting ways to go with this option. We especially like the fact that you can give a gift that relates to the upcoming nuptials.

What better way to countdown to the big day then with a bridal or wedding magazine that helps the couple decide on gowns, venues, menus, or wedding colors… or a travel magazine that helps them choose their ultimate honeymoon destination.

Or go with something completely different. Do they share a particular hobby or sport? Are they real foodies and would relish a subscription to a food or wine magazine? Are they news junkies or health and fitness nuts?

Different magazines related to weddings, engagements, honeymoons and married life

There are so many options at every price.  The best part is that they keep coming month after month reminding the couple that you’re thinking about them and their life together.

It’s easy on you and thoughtful for them. We’ve partnered with a big magazine distributor that offers the best deals available on over 1500 magazines with no tax and free shipping.

Gourmet Tea Gifts

Another great idea for monthly engagement gifts is a Tea Club. Tea has become increasingly popular these days and Tea shops and clubs are popping up all over the place.

A pot of tea and a cup of tea with fresh tea leaves

We especially like the Art of Tea because these guys take their tea very seriously, offer exceptional blends, and have won several awards. With their monthly tea club, the happy couple will get to sample and experience everything from the tea classics, hard to find rare blends, and specialty mixes right in their own home.

They can select standard teas or caffeine-free varieties and will receive approximately 30 servings of each tea which are seasonally selected and change monthly. The best part is that the Art of Tea is known for their exceptional customer service and offer 3, 6, and 12 month packages that will suit every budget.

Fruit Gift Boxes Delivered Monthly

This next gift idea is for the health conscious, fruit and veggie lovers, and those we care about who could use some help with healthy eating.

The Fruit Company offers some great options for monthly engagement gifts with their Monthly Fruit Club. There are 4 different Fruit Clubs to choose from offering everything from standard to exotic fruits, to organics.

Boxes of pears, oranges and apples

Each comes in 3 different configurations of 3, 6 and 12 months packages. Imagine how great it would be to have fresh fruit arrive at your door month after month. And for all those soon to be brides who worry about fitting in to that perfect wedding dress, fruit makes the ideal gift.

By sending monthly engagement gifts,  you get to congratulate the couple over and over again.  Reminding them monthly that they have a reason to celebrate and enjoy this special time in their lives.

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