Engagement Gift Ideas

Our expert shoppers hunted down the best and most interesting engagement gift ideas on the planet. Their finds have been carefully categorized and curated into the gift guide below. Although traditionally engagement gifts are not necessary or expected, can you name anyone who doesn’t LOVE receiving a gift?

Red and pink gift bags with hearts and pink tissue paper

Whether you’ve received an announcement about a recent engagement or are invited to an engagement party, a gift or token gesture is always appreciated. It can be homemade, worth pennies, or thousands of dollars. The point is that you’re taking the time to think about, and choose, something to honor the occasion.

A wrapped present in tiffany blue and white polkadot paper with a matching blue ribbon


Couples love receiving unique gifts. A unique gift shows that the gift-giver gave extra thought to their selection.

The buzz and excitement that surrounds a unique and unexpected surprise is a memory that will be cherished for years to come. Check out our top picks for unique engagement gifts

coffee pot and black and white mug on a wooden kitchen counter


Younger couples starting out in life appreciate practical gifts and items that every new home would need.  Ideas include: small appliances, household items, photo albums, luggage…. Ask the couple what they need or find out if they’re registered somewhere.

Our top picks for practical engagement gift ideas is COMING SOON

An open book calendar journal


These are fun, thoughtful gift ideas to remind the couple monthly how excited you are about the upcoming nuptials.

If timed correctly, a monthly gift can countdown to the wedding itself. Think bridal or travel magazine subscriptions (to help plan the big day or honeymoon), and fruit/food/wine of the Month Clubs…  Our top picks for monthly engagement gift ideas.

a bathtub with monogrammed white towels


A personalized gift is a great way of showing your support of their union.  There are tons of different types of items that can be personalized today.

Having an item printed with the couples names or monogrammed with their initials makes a present soooooo special and shows the recipients that you went the extra mile by personalizing their engagement gift.

waist down photo of a couple dressed for their wedding


These engagement gift ideas relate to the big day and include…wedding planners & books,  bridal magazines, a couples massage for the week of the wedding, etc.

Wedding related engagement gifts show the couple how excited YOU are about their big day by helping them along the way.

Couple forming a heart while holding hands


These are gifts that help strengthen a relationship and build on its foundation. Ideas include: a  gift certificate to a favorite ‘date’ restaurant, a couples cooking class,  dance classes, spa day.  Our top picks COMING SOON

Engagement Gift Etiquette

Gifts are not required or expected for engagements. The reason being is that wedding gifts are, so it’s like giving two gifts for the same celebration.  However, close friends & family often choose to give a gift for an engagement. They view it as a separate event and celebration.

When at a party, if some do bring gifts, proper etiquette dictates that they are not made part of the celebration or put on display. Discretely put them aside and open them in private after the guests have left.

Whether or not you choose to give the happy a couple an engagement gift, consider bringing a host/hostess gift when an engagement party is being held in a private home—it’s basic social etiquette regardless of the event.

The History & Tradition of Engagement gifts

Historically, a gift was only given by very close family members as a way of welcoming the newly engaged into their family. They usually consisted of some form of family heirloom having sentimental value. They were viewed as a welcoming gesture and a means of carrying on family tradition.

Asian pink teapot with four cupsOther than a family heirloom, a simple teapot is considered by some, one of the most traditional engagement gift ideas. This likely comes from ancient Chinese culture where a tea ceremony (a form of engagement party) was held in honor of the engagement. Similar tea rituals for bringing people and family closer together are also found in 18th C. America.

Regardless of the origin or the authenticity of the tradition, we love the idea of a teapot or tea set for two as a gift. It’s a sweet and romantic gift for a couple starting out their lives together. We love that it’s steeped in tradition (pun intended), and available at any budget.

Ultimately, the reason we give a gift is to show the couple that we’re excited about their upcoming union. With that in mind, engagement gift ideas can run from a simple handwritten card sent, to a bouquet of flowers, to much more elaborate and expensive items like gifting a couple their honeymoon.

Final thing to keep in mind regarding engagement gifts, is budget. You are expected to give a wedding gift so factor that future expense into any of our engagement gift ideas and your overall gift budget.