Newspaper Engagement Announcements

Newspaper engagement announcements are one of the most traditional ways of letting your community know about your engagement. It’s a longstanding tradition because for so many years a newspaper was the only way to reach out to so many people at once.

With the advent of technology and yes, Facebook, many don’t feel it’s necessary. Today, our families and friends are scattered all over the world. Which means for many of us, our local newspaper isn’t going to do the job it once did about spreading the news.

The Tradition of Newspaper Announcements

Traditionalists still feel that a newspaper announcement is a very important part of the overall ritual of getting engaged and married.

They like the idea of upholding a tradition that was done by their parents and their parents’ parents before them. Some even scrapbook their family’s newspaper engagement announcements along with wedding invitations to pass them on to future generations as part of a family tree album.

If this type of family tradition is important to you and that’s the route you want to take, we’re totally behind you!

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

Newspaper Announcements & Engagement Etiquette

If one or both families are traditional then it’s the bride’s side that takes care of all the formal announcements.

This means that if the parent’s of the groom live in another area, the bride’s side takes care of that too by placing a second announcement in their local paper or another publication of their choosing.  because it’s customary and part of the tradition that all newspaper engagement announcements (local or otherwise) be handled by the bride’s family.

However, these types of printed announcements don’t necessarily have to be in in large city or state-wide newspapers, you can choose to print in community papers or local and congregation newsletters (synagogue, church, etc.) as well.

Traditionally, newspaper engagement announcements are written by the bride-to-be’s parents, so they are worded from that point of view.

Examples & Wording of Newspaper Engagement Announcements

The wording you use should be fairly straightforward. Longer or more formal newspaper announcements can include all of the parents’ names, hometowns, where they live now, and the bride and grooms occupations or education.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arthur French of Miami, Florida are pleased to announce the engagement of Carole Anne French, a graduate student at Harvard University, to Thomas Edgar Hayes, a doctoral candidate at The University of Maine in Orono, Maine.

Mr. Hayes is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Peter Hayes of Portland, Oregon.

Here’s another example that would be considered more modern. It breaks tradition in the sense that both sets of parents are announcing the engagement so it is written from both points of view.

The engagement of Margaret Tobias and David Fuller is being announced by the couples’ parents, Jerry & Anise Tobias of Cleveland, Ohio & James & Cara Fuller of Sugar Creek, Ohio.

Margaret is a 2012 graduate of Templeton High School and a 2017 graduate of Baltic State College with a degree in Human and Social Services. She is currently employed at Primavera House.

David graduated in 2012 from Templeton High School and is employed at Superior Finishes.

The couple will be married on October 20, 2019.

Keep in mind, that if your engagement announcement doesn’t mention a wedding date of some form (like in the first example), you’re going to be asked for it a thousand times.

So always try and include something like, “the wedding is planned for next year” …or  “in the spring” …or  “in 2019”.  It doesn’t have to be the exact date, but trust us, if you don’t do it—you’ll regret it.

Finally, if you’re sending your announcement to the newspaper in advance, it’s important to mark down the date of publication. Otherwise, you might end up with it being printed earlier or later than you wanted.

We can’t tell you how many times brides have forgotten to note the publication date and had their announcements printed before they were expecting them to go to press. Imagine having your newspaper announcement published before your engagement party or before you’re ready to have the world know about it. Oops!

For more ideas on how to write your own newspaper engagement announcements check out our sample engagement announcements.