Bridal Shower games

Looking for some great bridal shower games? We’ve played our share—whether we were the bride-to-be, the hostess or a guest. No two ways around it, bridal showers are a time to eat, drink, celebrate, and be a little silly!

So if you’re planning a bridal shower and looking for some fun games, you came to the right spot. Before putting together this page we asked our family and friends to share their favorite games. Here are their top picks… (Drum roll — Please!)

Pink game pawn with bow hat and toilet paper wedding dress

Bikini Bow Bridal Shower Game

Woman with bikini top made out of bows and paper plates

Skip the whole tying ribbons-on-a-plate and turning it into a hat. That’s boring and soooo old-school!

Go for two paper plates instead. Decorate them with bows and attach them together with a ribbon to make a bikini top.

If you’d like to add the bottom half, use a cloth napkin. Fold it in half along the diagonal and decorate it with more bows. Attach it with some ribbon to make a thong bikini bottom!

Finally, if there are still a few bows lying around go for the hat!

Bling-O! Our Bingo Party Game

Bridal Bingo with Hershey Kisses and candyBingo has been around a long time and everyone knows how to play and how much fun it can be.

Our Bling-O! game is just like regular Bingo but uses images and phrases related to the couple, instead of numbers with each column on the bingo card having a different wedding related theme.

Think of how much fun you’ll have when “The Caller” announces Double Date or First Kiss instead of numbers.

It’s suitable for all ages and is a real conversation starter!

Bling-O takes regular Bingo fun to a whole new level.  The game is perfect for large or small groups and is comes in Tiffany Blue . The whole game is a high-resolution PDF so you can download and print it in minutes.

Although it comes with printable markers, we prefer to use Hershey Kisses. They go perfectly with the theme of the game and make a great party favor for your guests to take home, or snack on.

Get Bling-O! our Bridal Shower Bingo Game and get your party started!

Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Game

Pink game pawn with a veil and pearls in a toilet paper wedding gown

This is on of the all-time classics of bridal shower games.  It’s played in teams of three, four or more. So divide up your guests as appropriate.

It really doesn’t matter how many per team as long as there enough players for one to be the model and the others to be the designers.   The model stands in the middle of her group while the others design and create a wedding dress by draping, taping, and pinning toilet paper on her.

The best dress wins!

This game is just soooo much fun, especially if you match it up with some Chardonnay…

Pin The ***** On The Hunk  [Naughty Bridal Shower Games]

Statue of David with a pink X at his groin

This is one of those naughty bridal shower games…

Familiar with the children’s game pin the tail on the donkey?  Well in this case it’s a hunky man and the participants pin something else onto him…

Get a poster of some hunky stud or better yet a centerfold pic. Blindfold your guests. Spin them around with their “tail” in hand and you know the rest…. You’ll have an absolute riot!

If you’d prefer to buy a ready-made game, has several options and a whole bunch of other dirty bridal shower games and decorations. We have a relationship with them so if you click through our site to theirs, we earn a commission. It won’t cost you more, they just give us a referral fee for recommending them.

Leg Crossing Game

woman with legs crossed holding a drink

Everyone at the party gets a clothespin that they attach somewhere on themselves. If they see someone crossing their legs they get that girls pin.

The girl with the most pins wins the prize.

Instead of leg crossing, you can announce a word that can not be said during the party, such as WEDDING. Who ever says it loses their pin. Again, silly but so much fun!

All About The Groom

Groom's lapel with feather and button pinHow well does the bride know her prince in shining armor?

Meet with the groom prior to the bridal shower and ask him questions about himself. At the shower, let everyone guess how many questions they think the bride will get correctly.  The winner is the girl closest to the actual answer.

Here are some sample questions to get you started…

The groom’s favorite movie? Favorite dish (meal) that the bride prepares for him? Travel destination? When did they first meet? Where did they have their first kiss? Groom’s favorite band? Favorite sports team?

His first job? Name of his first pet? Who was his first crush? Favorite actor/actress? Who did he take to prom? If he could meet one person dead or alive who would it be? Favorite TV show? Favorite curse word?

The Domestic Bride Game

A blue iron and an orange roseThis game works well if you have a fair number of older guests in the crowd.

Older guests often feel left out, so this game gives them the opportunity to be a part of things. It allows them to show off their skills and the societal norms of their day.  It’s simply an ironing competition and demonstration!

All you need are two ironing boards and a couple of wrinkly men’s dress shirts (or more shirts if you want more people to partake).

The bride-to-be and one guest get into position in front of the ironing boards and the first one to finish ironing their shirt properly wins.

It’s like beat Beat Bobby Flay for the bride-to-be.

The Purse Bridal Shower Game

Open purse with makeup, phone, glasses spilling outMake a list of common and uncommon items a girl might carry in her purse. As each item is called out from the list, each participant must place the items from their purse onto the table for all to see.

Start with the easy ones and work up to the funnier ones. The girl with the most items from the list wins.

Below are a few items to get you started…

Lipstick | Mirror | Keys | Cell Phone | Corkscrew | Swiss Army Knife | Earrings | Lottery ticket | Pictures of loved ones | Tampons | Tylenol | Calculator | Condoms | Sewing kits | Pen | Notepaper | Panties | Stockings | Breath Mints

Picking The Bride’s BFF

A brunette and a blond wearing funny glasses puckering their lips at each other

This is one of those bridal shower games that can cause some hard feelings so be aware. You never know where a Bridezilla is lurking.

The game is played the same way as the groom’s game above except now the tables have turned and the questions are all about the bride and are asked to the guests.

The guest with the most correct answers wins the title of BEST FRIEND FOREVER.

The Share-A-Recipe Game

Recipe cards with various labels

This game is great for getting a young couple started on cooking and providing them with some kitchen staples.

Each guest brings to the party multiple copies of their favorite classic recipe. The number of copies should be equal to the number of guests. They also need to bring one item of food (preferably a pantry staple) that the recipe requires.

Each recipe owner gives clues about their recipe. The clues can NOT include the name or any of the ingredients.

The first person to guess the dish correctly gets a point. Once everyone has a turn, tally up the points to declare the winner.

Each guest at the party receives a copy of everyone’s recipes and the bride-to-be also gets the one item that each guest brought to start off her pantry. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Wedding Cake Game

Messy wedding cake on a pink pedestal

We love this game!!! Blindfold the bride-to-be, give her some latex gloves, and place cake assembly ingredients in front of her.

Make sure the ingredients look wedding-ish or even better, match her wedding colors if she’s already picked them out.

With guidance from the guests, the bride will then attempt to make a wedding cake blindfolded.

Keep everything properly clean and refrigerated before and after the game is played. Because the bride will actually be making the dessert that will be served at the bridal shower.

Be creative with the ingredients.   You’ll need 2 or 3 round sponge cakes and  whipping cream or icing for the basics. For decorating, think of things like jam, a bowl of sprinkles (silver or gold), a box of cookies (make sure they’re white), Candies (that match the wedding colors), Candied or sugar flowers.

As crazy as it sounds, it really is fun—and you don’t have to think about planning a dessert for the shower!

We know that all these games are a little silly, but bridal shower games are supposed to be silly. And besides, when you add a bottle of wine or two, silly is the best way to go! Be sure to check out our page on engagement party games for more fun ideas.