Meet the Engagement Experts

The people behind Engagement Experts are two women that love… love. One of us is happily married with two energetic kids, and the other is engaged and soon to be married. Oh yeah, we also have a guy behind-the-scenes. He is dreamy, creative and quiet.

Update: The deed is done. She got hitched! Huge yay since we also became even more engagement process-conscious on her way to the coupling.

This site was born from our own experiences. My fiancé couldn’t tell a carat from a karat, or what on earth a bezel setting was, and several of our friends said they struggled to figure out the best way to propose. And forget about creating an engagement announcement or party invitation. Formal, informal, email, print, flown in on hummingbird wings? We knew it was high time someone put all of the info together in one place and explained it simply and easily. Why not us?

We dug in — learning all things engagement. Our mistakes and the tips we gained kicked this site into gear. We watched not only ourselves but also our guy friends (ok, TBH women too) struggle with the whole engagement process. We vowed to change how little information was out there to help guide the way. A good time can be had by all. After all, life is about the journey not just the destination, right?

So we created this website—to share our collective experience from navigating the process … and to help that quiet guy on our expert team. Maybe one day he’ll step out from behind the scenes and get down on one knee and dive into the world of blissful engagement.

Ever heard of Fiancé Magazine? Didn’t think so!

There’s so much information online and everywhere about the next phase—the wedding. But nowhere near enough about that huge first step, the life-changing events that lead to the aisle walk: the proposal, the ring, and ensuing engagement.

If you could grab a magazine, it would cover things like engagement etiquette, protocol, parties, party invitations, toasts, speeches, announcements, diamonds and diamond rings, and everything there is to think about for that all-important marriage proposal. Wouldn’t it be great to have a guide that detailed every step? And not wait in line at the grocery store to see the info?

So think about our site, Engagement Experts, as an online version of Fiancé Magazine—the ultimate step-by-step guide to get the most out of your engagement. And even though we deliver the most comprehensive and informative site around, when in doubt just remember our single biggest piece of advice:


Bottom line is that popping the question is a big decision. We are here to help everyone out there with whatever wedding engagements questions you have so that you can focus on the more important things – like spending time together and skillfully plan out the rest of your lives.

We love hearing everyone’s proposal stories, engagement ring adventures, engagement party tips, announcement insights, and any other bright ideas that you may have created that made your engagement journey unique… and, we know there are other people out there who want to hear and read about them, too.