We’re all about the Fun!

Found your soulmate? Newly or about-to-be engaged?  We’re here to help—We’ve got you covered with the best ideas, advice and tips to make your wedding engagement a smooth success and one heck of a party!

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Most of what’s out there talks about the wedding—from dresses to cake, to the reception and honeymoon. It’s all so…well, serious.

Sure, you want that day to be just perfect—but you also need advice on that oh-so-important step before you walk down the aisle!

Wedding Engagement Bingo Game Bingo

Guys we know what you’re thinking… How should I propose? Will she say ‘yes’? What kind of ring should I get? How much should I spend? What’s my budget? What do I do after I propose? Do I need to write a speech?

Well, we’ve got you covered boys!

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Engagegement Party Gifts
One guy and two girls with props at an engagement party


Your wedding and engagement are all about YOU—so relax, enjoy this special time. We’re here to help! So let’s get the party started and…


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Guy on bended knee proposing marriage to his girlfriend on a cliff at the edge of the ocean

Let’s face it, we all get lost during the process and forget about how much fun this time should be. That’s where we come in. We help you sift through all that stuff and focus on the fun and magical time this is…

Welcome to YOUR engagement!

Engagegement Party Gifts
two men sitting having a glass of wine while waiting for the festivities to start
Girl with an umbrella dancing on top of a microphone
All that etiquette and protocol from invites to parties, to save-the-dates, to gifts and toasts—all part of a wedding & engagement—who knew?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

GIrl with a turban made out of engagement rings

Girls, you’re all about… How’s he going to do it? When’s he going to ask? How about announcements?  What about an engagement party? Invitations? Party decorations? How about party color schemes? What’s the deal on gifts? Should I register for my wedding AND engagement?

Check! Done! It’s all here!

Girl blowing Alium flower petals
Guy with a microphone giving and engagement party speech