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Wedding Proposals : The Big Picture

Wedding proposals have been romanticized in movies, novels and legends. As soon as we find out that someone is engaged, one of the first questions is “How did he propose?”

We always want to know how the guy asked his girlfriend to be his wife. Maybe we're nosy, are looking for some inspiration or proposal ideas that we can use ourselves, or maybe we're hopeless romantics.

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The point is that a proposal of marriage is one of the few true moments in life that we will be asked about over and over again.... by friends, colleagues, family, our future children and even our grandchildren.

There is nothing more heart-warming than a story where the man gets down on bended knee, gallantly asks a woman to be his wife and a new union is formed.

It doesn't have to be an exciting story where the groom executed an elaborate plan involving friends and family and tailoring it to include something that is special to the bride, or them as a couple.

It can be a simple, sweet, romantic, or spontaneous but whichever of these types of wedding proposals you choose, just like the ring, it has to fit—it has to fit her and the two of you.

Planning on Proposing? Know Your Bride!

In any sales pitch, or even the act of an entertainer, it's their responsibility to know the audience. If your girlfriend has no idea that you're about to propose, you better know that she is good with surprises. If she isn’t spontaneous, then perhaps your proposal needs to be more of a discussion and not a “pop the question” type.

Wedding proposals are something that girls think about all their lives and constantly give guys hints to help them figure things out. For example, if she reacts to certain scenes in a movie, or you can see how excited she gets when talking of a friend’s engagement, take the hint, she is helping you out and giving you clues as to what she would like.

Common Interests is Common Sense!

If you plan to propose in a setting that you both share a passion for, make sure she really shares it.

If you love baseball, and she hates that you spend so much time watching baseball, your organizing efforts to throw out the first pitch of a game and then drop to one knee and present her with a ring hidden in your baseball glove, might leave you on the pitcher’s mound. Don’t turn this special moment into one of resentment.

However, the amount of difficulty the set-up is will pay off (if it all goes well!) later because she will know that you went through a lot of trouble to make this day special and meaningful for her, and you as a couple.

We know a couple that met in cooking school and dreamed of owning a restaurant. They got a loan to rent a space for the café, and she thought he was handing her the keys to open the door for the first time. She took the keychain and an engagement ring was on it! By the time she realized what it was, he was down on one knee and tradition took over. Their friends were waiting inside with champagne.

Wedding Proposals: Make It Special!

There's a lot of pressure surrounding this event already. When guys think of marriage proposals, it's best to think what she would like, what you can realistically do, and then how to make that happen. You're going to be asked how the proposal happened a lot, so make it a good story!

Relax. Ask yourself some simple questions about her and make a plan.

Questions like...What's her life's passion? What does she love to do in her spare time? Does she like surprises? Does she have a fantasy? Would she prefer the proposal in private or public?

Then use the answers to build out your plan.

Run the plan by someone you trust, or us and people you don't know from all over the world on our ways to propose page—your idea might get shot down or it might be embellished to include elements you hadn’t ever thought of.

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Wedding proposals aren't something to worry about it, it will all work wonderfully if you just have fun. Write your proposal in the sky, hire a band to sing it, tie a ring around the dog’s neck or write it on the windshield of her car—just think of her, you and especially yourselves as a couple.

You fell in love and want to spend the rest of your life with her, so take a moment and look in her eyes. The idea is usually right there in front of you!

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