Wedding & Engagement Rings:
Tips & Advice

With so many wedding & engagement rings out there how do you even begin to figure out where to start? What style? Color? Type? Price?

It's a very personal choice and some couples choose to shop together.

But if you're planning on making the proposal a surprise or are more traditional, you'll be doing it all on your own.

Not to worry, there are some sure-fire ways to do some sneaky reconnaissance work and she'll be none the wiser.


Listen To Her


Listen to her: We know it sounds crazy but it works!

It's more than likely that your soon to be fiancé has dropped hints about her favorite ring or metal preferences.

Are there copies of fashion or bridal magazines around the house, with certain pages dog-eared? Do any of those pages contain engagement rings?

These are your signals, she is trying to talk to you, learn to decode them well, they speak volumes.

Open Your Eyes: What Kind of Jewelry?


Check out the jewelry she wears every day. Is it mostly gold, silver or platinum? Does she like intricate and ornate pieces or is her jewelry mostly clean lines or modern looking? Does she have a love for vintage pieces?

Consider all her jewelry here and not just rings. Does she have a favorite piece? If so, make sure you ask her why it's her favorite.

You don't want to end up buying something that's in the same style as her favorite piece only to find out the reason was that her grandmother gave it to her and it has a lot of sentimental value even though she doesn't like the style or design.

Ask Her Friends & Family


It's very possible that she's talked about wedding & engagement rings with her best friend or family members.

So you could strike gold (or platinum) by doing a little friendly digging. You talk to your buddies about cars and sports teams, for girls it's the same thing when it comes to jewelry.


Yep, Her Ring Size!

Don't forget you're going to need her ring size and that every finger on her hand is a different size.

You know that the ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand but do you know why?  It's all part of the tradition of engagement rings which dates back centuries.


Now to figure out the size...You may have to be a little sneaky with this one so put on some dark shades and get your detective groove on. 

If she already wears a ring on that finger (which is unlikely) you scored big time! If not, there are a few things you can do.

When she leaves her rings lying around, secretly grab them and trace the inside of the band on paper and take that to a jeweler letting them know which finger she normally wears them on. They'll be pretty good at approximating her the right size based on what you brought them.

engagement ring size chart

Engaging Tip: If you need to measure for size, we offer a printable page that includes various templates so that you can place an existing ring on top of the illustrations.

It also has a sizing tool which you cut out and wrap around the finger to get your measurement, but that'll be tough if you want to make it a surprise. 

Get our FREE printable engagement ring size chart.

Another great and accurate way is to have one of her friends help you out by having her try on their rings to see which fits on what finger. It's likely that you'll end up with one that's a pretty good (if not perfect) fit!

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Don't get stressed out about it, if you put some thought into it and really make an effort to try and figure things out, you'll have a pretty good idea of your girl's taste for both her wedding & engagement ring. Then, spend a few days checking out the various websites of different designers and stores to find the perfect match.

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