Wedding Related Engagement Gifts

wedding engagement gifts

Wedding related engagement gifts are gifts to celebrate a couple's upcoming nuptials.

There are all sorts of exciting and special options to help the couple prepare for their big day, from wedding planners, to name-change kits, to honeymoon preparations and everything in between.


Giving "wedding related" engagement gifts lets a couple know how excited you are about their upcoming marriage. It tells them that you share in their joy and want to do everything you can to help them navigate through all the plans and details that surround the big day.

These gift ideas are designed to honor the couple and their union and show how much you care.

This is one of those picture perfect wedding engagement gifts! Just about everybody has a digital camera these days, even if only on their cell phone. And everybody loves taking pictures...especially at weddings.

The problem is that most people never get to see all the pictures that all the guests took—even the bride and groom rarely see all the candids that were taken.

wedding engagement photos

That's where The Wedding Lens comes in. They have a great online system for photo-sharing that makes every guest a wedding photographer. Family and friends can effortlessly collect and share full-resolution photos with registration-free access of the couple's big day in a dedicated wedding photo album online.

What a great post- celebration reminder of the fun time that was had by all....We love this one!

We all know that planning a wedding is no easy task and being organized is the key to a successful event. So why not give the couple a helping hand with a really great wedding planner?

wedding planners

Help them have a stress free wedding with one of these great Wedding Planners.  They come with worksheets, tips, information on pre-wedding stuff, checklists, budget plans and so much more. You can customize parts directly online, add their picture if you'd like to, add some of  your own thoughts or sentiments. You get the idea!  It's a really thoughtful gift that any newly engaged couple would appreciate.

One of the easiest wedding related gifts to give are magazine subscriptions. What better way to countdown to the big day then with a bridal or wedding magazine that helps the couple decide on the details related to their wedding, or a travel magazine that helps them choose their honeymoon destination?

engagement gift magazine

There are so many magazine options at every price and the special thing about them is that they keep coming month after month reminding the couple of your well wishes.

It's the perfect gift. Easy on you and thoughtful for them. We've partnered with one of the big magazine distributors to bring you a special deal where you can save up to 85% on over 1300 magazines.


Wedding engagement gifts that focus on the nuptials and all that surrounds it lets an engaged couple know that you're as excited about the big day as they are.

As we come across more amazing ideas for this category of gift we'll post them to the site so bookmark us and check back often!

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