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Ways to Propose : Help & Advice

So Romeo, have you spent weeks and months thinking about different ways to propose? Have you run every possible scenario you could think of while picturing yourself on bended knee?

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Have you come up with a brilliant idea and want to see what others think of it?

Want to make sure it's the right way to go?

Need some extra help? Stuck for ideas?

If you answered Yes! to any of these questions then fill in the form below and let our web site visitors tell you what they think.

They may love it as is, or give you a couple of suggestions. You may be even more inspired after hearing what they have to say and end up making your proposal even better than you thought possible.

And if you have any questions for us, or if we have anything to add, you'll hear from us too! Check out Jim's message in a bottle proposal. He had a great idea, tailored just for his his sweetie but he needed a little help with some of the details. We were happy to oblige!

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Show Us Your Inner Romeo!

You know how important this is for the both of you, and especially for her! You've thought about all the different ways to propose and are trying to make it special.

If you think your proposal idea is perfect as is and just want to get others' opinions, that's great!

Or, you may have a plan but need help with the details or are looking to take your idea to the next level, that's great too!

Check Out The Submissions From Other Romeos... How Do They Fair?

Click on the links below to see what others have chosen as the best ways to propose.

A Hiker's Proposal 
We are truly soul-mates and I know we were meant to have found each other! My girlfriend and I met online... We were both looking just to meet friends …

The Girl of My Dreams
She makes me happy every time I'm with her. She's my dream come true.. I love her just the way she is.. How did you meet? Through my sister Joy. Where …

Short Beach Getaway Proposal!! 
OK here is my plan. We are taking a short trip to Puerto Rico. I plan on doing the message in a bottle proposal. My plan is to sneak out of the room …

Message in a Bottle Marriage Proposal 
My girlfriend loves pirates so.... I plan on having a nautical map of OBX made and have navigation notes written randomly on it ... However one …

The Traditional Romantic Proposal 
I hope this works... I mean you only get one try right? Well I plan on proposing in a somewhat traditional way. A night on the town followed up with …

From Paris With Love 
I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend of 4 years this fall with a surprise trip to Paris. We will take a river cruise on the Seine to the Eiffel …

Night Out on the Town Surprise Proposal 
I'm planning a proposal, I have a good idea but I'm not sure and I want others' opinions. We've been dating for almost 5 years, we met in College, …

She Makes Me Feel so Happy, She is "The One". 
We met online....But we've known each other for a year and a half. We originally started dating and broke up, and we were best friends up until 2 months …

She is My Everything and My Angel 
We met at a club. She likes salty foods like chips and Biltong She likes red She enjoys socialising and people She is not shy She loves cocktails …

Nervous About The Engagement Ring 
I could use some help. I have met the greatest girl, the one, as they say. We dated about two months and then moved in, and I haven't looked back, and …

The New York Proposal 
Well we are off to New York on the 29th of May (Sat), Broadway show booked for Sunday evening, Tiffany organised (for Sunday or Monday) but.....where to …

Blame it on the dog 
My girlfriend and I have been talking about getting a dog. So I was thinking that to propose I could buy a puppy and surprise her with that. We want …

I Want To Ask Him To Marry Me 
How did you meet? We met because of his brother. Where was your first date? We went to Captain Ds the first time that we hung out. And that is now where …

A female point of view on a wedding proposal
I have been dating a great guy for over two years. We don't exactly talk about getting married, but it's obvious to me that we must be headed that way. …

She is A Wonderful Lady 
I am a college student and met this girl when she was in high school though now she is in college also. She is very shy and introverted. I would like …

A Song for Dana Not rated yet
Trying to find just the right song even though she loves the song YOU by Jesse Powell, I'm not the greatest singer but I think I can dabble a little bit. …

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