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Creative & Unique Marriage Proposals

Unique marriage proposals don't have to be unique to the world. They just need to be different than what normally goes on in your circle of friends and family.

All it takes is a little originality and you'll end up with not only a unique but also a fun and creative marriage proposal.

Like we've said before, marriage proposals are ALL about her so get your thinking cap on and be inspired by this list of unique ideas.

It's An All in the Stars Proposal

wedding proposal stars

This idea has got to be at the top of the list. It's easy, anyone can do it from anywhere and it works every time.

You can name a star through the Online Star Registry (yes, a real star... and name it after her or after the both of you.) Go out on a starry night, present her with HER star and an engagement ring...

She'll be over the moon we guarantee it!

Janie On The Spot

toilet paper proposal

This won't work for everyone but it will be an absolutely perfect proposal for some.

After a romantic dinner, a roll in the hay, or any other time you can predict that your soon-to-be fiancée will make her way to the washroom, simply replace your regular toilet paper with this printed "will you marry me?" version.

We'll leave the rest of the details up to you. :-) Now that has to be one of the most unique marriage proposals you and she have ever heard of!

A Surprise Twist For An Old Routine

billboard proposal

If you're looking for creative marriage proposals, try this one on for size. Buy a billboard on her route to work and ask her if she'll marry you. (It's really not as expensive as one thinks.)

Don't forget to include both your name and hers so that she knows it's from you.

Be waiting for her in her parking space where she works with flowers, a diamond ring and the best excuse for her to call in sick that day. It'll drive her crazy that you actually did that!

An Artfully Sweet Proposal

Picture perfect Engagement

Unique marriage proposals come in all shapes and sizes and this one is tailored for the art buff. It's a picture perfect engagement idea.

Ask a local museum or gallery if they would hang a painting of your diamond engagement ring on one of their walls for a couple of hours (it's really a picture of the ring blown up at Kinko's in a frame).  Have them include a display card that reads, "This is the very ring used by you on that particular day to ask her to be your bride." Sweet AND romantic. N'est-ce-pas?

An Aquarium Adventure

underwater engagement proposal

Looking for something a little different when it comes to unique marriage proposals? How about this idea.

Contact the aquarium or zoo in your area and see if during one of their diving shows they would be willing to hold up a sign that says "Will you Marry me?" Your girlfriend would never suspect it. As they hold up the sign to the glass, get down on one knee and present her with the ring.

A Picnic Perfect Marriage

piknik wedding proposal

Have a friend set up the ideal picnic, red and white checked tablecloth, a picnic basket full of goodies and a chilled bottle of bubbly.

Take your lady love for a stroll on a route where you're sure to stumble upon this romantic surprise. A park, mountain top or forest clearing are sure to make any heart swoon. Consider having your friend stick around (hiding in the bushes) to snap your big moment. They can also make sure that no person or animal comes by before you arrive and starts nibbling on your food!

Joe proposing at a picnic lunch during a hike

Or you can do as our reader Joe did. He took his love Ava on a hike, packed a picnic lunch and proposed. The rest as they say, is history.

The Times Square Proposal

time square proposal

If your girlfriend loves NYC, she'll be over the moon in Manhattan. The Toys "R" Us in Times Square offers an amazing package. For a shockingly inexpensive amount of money you can get airtime on a 40 x 50 foot board in the middle of Times Square.

Just give them the info you'd like it to say and even an image. You can arrange for it to be shown that night or just minutes later. They'll also take a picture of you during your proposal!

For more info call the good folks at Toys "R" Us Times Square: (646) 366-8864 and get ready for your close up.

black decorative scroll

These are just some ideas of unique marriage proposals. We hope that they inspire you get creative with yours. Want more ideas? Our wedding proposal section is full of info on all sorts of proposals.

Get more fun and unique ideas on how to propose marriage or go to our Homepage to check out all the other types of information we have to offer.

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