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Unique Engagement Gifts & Wedding Gifts

personalized engagement gifts

Looking for unique engagement gifts or unusual wedding gifts?

If you're like us and most of the people we know, you're trying to find that one amazing gift that shows you really care (and let's be honest here) reflects well on you.

Some of us love the buzz and excitement that surrounds a unique and unexpected surprise. We like to be known for having found the most interesting, unusual, and original present!


At the top of the list has to be these incredible art portraits. Why? Because they're literally unique and based on the DNA of the recipients.

Yes... It is their lips, fingerprints, or DNA as modern art. How amazing is that?

DNA unique engagement gift

DNA 11 offers 3 categories of portraits. The DNA portrait comes as a single or double (his/her sides). The lips also come as a single or with a his and hers overlap. The fingerprint portraits are only offered as a single but you can have a his and hers set made.

These portraits will be cherished for years to come and is truly one of the most unique gifts a couple could ever receive.

art engagement gift

The best part about them is that you (or they) can customize the whole thing, choose any color, have it framed or unframed, do it all online and have it shipped just about anywhere in the world.

This really is amazing. The DNA portrait in the picture at left, is one that we recently bought for a friend's engagement. They went absolutely nuts for it and have since bought one as a gift for their friends.


Here's the company spotlighted on The View television show.

Check out DNA 11 and give one of the most original and unique engagement gifts or wedding gifts ever!


Another original idea and truly unique gift idea is naming a star after the couple. Yes, a real star! Use their first names, their pet names for each other, or anything else that shows them how much you care. Simply head over to the Online Star Registry and buy a star and call it whatever you want.

engagement present star gift

One couple we know call each other 'sweetie' so that's what their friends named the star they bought for them as an engagement present. It was a real hit!

This can be a really romantic and thoughtful gift that makes a good wedding present too. Just name the star Mr. & Mrs. Last Name and have their union commemorated in the heavens above.

Next, is a really sweet and unusual engagement gift that turns any photo into a personalized jigsaw puzzle.

The jigsaw puzzle can be made up of many pictures or a single one. They come in all sizes and levels of difficulty and are beautifully packaged in a laminated box. (You can also request that a copy of the puzzle be attached to the box). The couple will be delighted at receiving such a personalized and fun memento of their engagement.

unique puzzle wedding gift

Best of all, it can all be done online. Simply upload your photo(s) and create a wonderful keepsake that marks this very special occasion.


Unique engagement gifts show that you put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect present and lets the couple know that their friends and family are excited about their upcoming union.

As we come across some more interesting and special gift ideas we'll post them to the site so if you're always looking for unique gifts, bookmark us!

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