The New York Proposal

Well we are off to New York on the 29th of May (Sat), Broadway show booked for Sunday evening, Tiffany organised (for Sunday or Monday) but.....where to propose?

New York Proposal Ideas:

1. On the plane by captain on the way (she knows we are going somewhere but not where to. She thinks we are off to Essex for a couple of days!!!! (haha)

2. Top of the Empire State Building

3. After a meal at our hotel

4. After the show with an announcement

5. In Tiffanys (when we look for a ring)

6. ???? Help!!!

Just want to get it right......!

I have a ring to use for the occasion and flowers are a must but most votes get the result.....and she could say no!!!

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Central Park
by: Jeffrey

Great romantic spot. Rent one of those horse and buggy carriages and do it in Central Park! Maybe in front of the ice rink if it's winter. Or you can do it on the carousel. Or rent a boat and row her around - just don't drop the ring. And dude - she's not going to say no. There's also the zoo. Good luck man - and let us know how it turns out.

catch her off guard
by: Dan

There is a restaurant in NYC on 60th Street called Serendipity 3 - it's great for dinner or after theater desserts. It's been around a long time, it's really fun inside, and crowded. I propose (ha) that you take her out for a night on the town - where you would have many chances to propose. Dinner, a broadway show, but you still don't. The nights about over, then you take her to this place and order the Frozen Chocolate for two - and try to slip the ring in the bowl without her seeing. If you can;t - then halfway through, get down on one knee and do it the old fashioned way. Only in New York!

New York Proposal at Times Square
by: The Engagement Experts Team

Thanks Lynda for directing him to one of our pages. :-)

In fact both the Toys R Us and Hershey's stores at Times Square offer visitors the opportunity to see their messages and images on the giant billboards outside of their stores but one needs to contact the specific stores at Times Square to make it happen.

This proposal idea would certainly be the icing on this engagement cake of a trip to New York!

Soooo Exciting!
by: Lynda

I'd love to be flown somewhere and be proposed to!!!!

On the unique marriage proposal page of this site they talk about renting space on one of the billboards in Times Square for your proposal... Now that would really wow her!

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