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The Girl of My Dreams




She makes me happy every time I'm with her. She's my dream come true.. I love her just the way she is..

How did you meet? Through my sister Joy.
Where was your first date? Mandarin Restaurant
What is her favorite food? Lechon Manok
Color? Red and Black
Flower? White Roses
Spot? Beach
What does she love to do? Loving me.
Hobbies? Jogging
What activities do you do together? Going to bars.
How long have you been together? 2 months as friends and 6 months in a relationship.
Is she adventurous? Yes
A homebody? No
Is she shy or easily embarrassed? No
Does she like attention? She likes my attention.
Does she have a personal style? Yes

Dear Jose,

Congratulations on this next step in your relationship - exciting!

LOVE that you are in the Philippines because so many close friends of ours are from there as well, and we have even visited Manila and Batangas!

Realizing that family and food are strongly loved and respected parts of your life - we hope you like what we are "proposing"!

We believe that the engagement should be celebrated just as the groom and bridal parties, and the wedding so sharing your engagement with both families and close friends seems like the perfect start for you guys. Since you said she isn't shy, we think she will be excited to have this event be a little more public.

You told us that she loves Lechon Manok - so do we! We love roasted pork, too. We want you to plan a feast, on a Sunday afternoon - it can be in a restaurant or in someone's home, whichever best suits your budget or mood. Either way, if your budget is tight, only plan for the closest family and friends.

Do not tell anyone until the week before the party - it is very difficult to keep this a secret among her friends and family - trust us.

One week before the date, tell your girlfriend that you are taking her shopping - or any other plan where you get to spend the afternoon with her.

Are you planning on asking her father or parents for her hand in marriage? If so, take the opportunity to invite her parents to the party at the same time.

Make sure everyone arrives at the venue 30 minutes before you do, so everyone is in place. Be very careful to tell everyone you invite that the feast is a surprise.

On the day of the event, take white roses to the venue to place on the table(s). Then go pick your girlfriend up, take her to church or errands, then arrive at the venue. As the party unfolds, she will love learning that you took so much time to organize this event.

Here's out favorite part - when she walks in and sees your family and friends there, she might be on to you. She might expect a proposal, but we say drag it out a bit - build the anticipation!

Have her favorite cocktails served, good music playing, and enjoy yourselves. Eat, drink and be merry, so to speak.

(This next step is only if you have the time and you can pull it off - it's such a nice touch, but very advanced!) Since you met your girlfriend through your sister, Joy, enlist her to help. If she can, have Joy bring a bag to the restaurant with a red and black dress in it so your girlfriend can change into it (her favorite colors!).

Once you have proposed, she will want to change for all of the photos that are going to be taken! Her Facebook page will look so different the next day!

Once the main meal is over, dessert will be served. We love that your relationship sounds so classic and timeless, and dessert is the perfect chance for you to drop to one knee, pull out the ring, and ask her to marry you. The room will go silent quickly - remember the others are here for this very moment.

Do you have your proposal written out? Do you know what you are going to say? Here is a sample of what you might want to say - it's timeless and classic, like the two of you.

"Thanks to my sister, Joy, I met you and became almost the happiest man on earth. I want everyone to share in my joy, so I had them all come here today. I cannot imagine one day in my life without seeing your face. You have made all of my dreams come true - except one. Will you marry me so my happiness can be complete?"

What do you think? If you do not want to have a party, we have other ideas, too... just let us know! Whatever you do, we want to know how it turns out - let us know how it goes!

Best of luck, she sounds like a wonderful girl, and lucky to have such a thoughtful husband-to-be!

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Love in your eyes
by: Cindy

You two look so great together!

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