The Best.... Worst Proposal Ever...

by The Phantom Groom
(...the longest street before the shortest road)

I'm currently planning a trip with my gf and some friends of ours, and I was hoping to use this as the opportune time to "pop" the question.

I have always wanted to have a unique and amazing proposal that she would never see coming.

One idea I have is to stage a fairly dramatic scene on the cruise ship. I was thinking I would do a "build a bear" and hide the ring inside the bear, and then give it to her as a small token for her birthday since it coincides with the cruise.

Later during one of our days at sea when they do all the festivities on board, coordinate with the crew and stage a scene with the ship's security to come and 'apprehend me'. Acting dumbfounded and asking why, they are to accuse me of stealing--pulling out the build a bear as evidence.

Denying the accusations and trying to 'resist arrest' I will finally admit to the guilt and to instruct her to open the bear.... when she does she will find the the ring. I will then propose, admitting I am guilty for breaking in to her life and stealing her heart.... There will be other smaller things to spruce it up but this is the general idea.

What do you think?

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Friend as Security
by: Anonymous

I would also suggest that you take a friend along that she doesn't know well as the security guard or an uncle. No need to get random strangers involved. They might take their own job seriously and break a leg

A Cautionary Tale
by: Alyssa

I think your idea is really fun - but speaking from a girl's perspective I might be a little shaken up if I see my boyfriend hassled for very long.

I don't want to sound like a party pooper, but couldn't you have the bear on the bed, the security comes in and accuses you of smuggling, which you deny and ask what they are talking about.

They say, "you know what we mean," pointing at the bear. They force you to open the bear, and they pull out the ring, saying, "What is this?" You take the ring, drop to your knee, and admit that if you're guilty of anything it's that you love her and have to marry her.

If she's into it, let the captain of the ship marry you right there!

Whatever you do, you sound fun and it sounds like you're putting thought into which is all any girl asks for.....I hope it turns out great!

Let me know!

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