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Short Beach Getaway Proposal!!

by Charles

OK here is my plan. We are taking a short trip to Puerto Rico. I plan on doing the message in a bottle proposal.

My plan is to sneak out of the room on our first day, probably while she is getting ready. This will be around sunset and I will plant the bottle that has a love quote from one of her favorite writers.

On the quote printed on decorative paper I will have a watermark that is not clearly visible, the watermark will be written Diagonally " will you marry me"?

I expect her to overlook it and focus on what is written quote, only to see it after she finishes reading at that point I will be on bended knee with the ring.

On the back of that piece of paper the quote is written on, I will have a google image of the hotel with the hotels coordinates showing exactly where we were as sort of a keepsake of the moment.

Afterward, I have dinner and a bottle of champagne waiting at a very nice restaurant, we have the most romantic table booked.

The Engagement Experts write...
Hey Charles, we LOVE your ideas for a beach proposal!!!

Using a love quote from one of her favorite writers is so romantic and shows that you're tailoring the proposal to her...and the touch about having the coordinates of your exact location is so charming and (we have a feeling that it reflects your personality) which is what makes it even more special.

Planning a dinner at a romantic table in a nice restaurant is a great way to celebrate what just happened at the beach--it all sounds wonderful and she will love it.

Two things you may want to consider. The first is (you never mentioned if the beach is at your hotel or not...or if you are already dressed for dinner)

If you're already dressed for dinner then great, no worries.

If you're at your hotel, then after the proposal you will both need to go and change for dinner--make sure to have something special waiting for you in the room when you get back that wasn't there when she left for the beach. Perhaps a small bottle of bubbly and some red roses?

If you're not at your hotel and going straight to the restaurant from the beach but aren't dressed for dinner...Have her clothes ready in the car (don't forget her shoes and makeup bag too--a girl wants to look nice at her proposal dinner). She can change in the restaurant bathroom or even in the car. This little touch will show you went the extra mile in thinking about all the details.

Finally, whichever dinner scenario it is when you get back to the room you don't want the excitement to be over so plan on having something set up in the hotel room when you get back for the night. It could be anything from champagne and strawberries with rose petals scattered across the bed to milk and heart shaped cookies.

Adding these extras makes the proposal run from dusk until she falls asleep for the night, and gives her more things to brag about when she recounts your proposal story to friends and family.

Good luck with everything and we have a strong hunch that your bride-to-be is one lucky girl!!!

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Thanks Millie
by: Charles


Love this idea.
by: Millie

You are so sweet. She's going to love it.

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