She is My Everything and My Angel

by Joe v Rensburg
(South Africa)

We met at a club.

She likes salty foods like chips and Biltong
She likes red
She enjoys socialising and people
She is not shy
She loves cocktails
She is very sexy and likes attention
She is blonde and tall

We have been together for 4 years
She is not easily embarrassed
She loves clothes and make up
Her family is important to her
She is a good friend
She is divorced and has two sons
She does not like to be bored
She likes technology and computers
She has long nails
She likes to watch DVDs
She likes to go out to clubs
She is a teacher.

Any wedding proposal ideas would be appreciated...Thank you.

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So Sweet
by: Julia

I love that you call her your angel. You seem really romantic. Did you look at the romantic proposals page? I saw the star thing there and think that would be kind of neat if you named a star after her sons or your new family as a way of proposing. The picture perfect one could work too, with pictures of all the times you have shared together and include her sons in some of them. Good luck but I have a feeling you won't need it.

It's Showtime!
by: Anonymous

Here's my idea for you and your girl. She likes movies, so make her a film,most people have a camera on their computers, or know someone who does. You can easily mimic a classic love story, dress like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, and write and act out a little movie. Doesnt need to be long, or professional - just about three minutes long. It should end with some kind of cliffhanger. You said she has long nails and likes attention, so she probably gets them done at a salon. Arrange this with her manicurist in advance. She comes in, sits down, and she is given her favorite cocktail. She asks why cocktails?, and is told they are celebrating something. As she settles into her manicure, the salon's TV switches to the DVD you made (all salons have TV's). Her family and several of her close friends come in, unnoticed, or are right outside. Then at the end of your movie, her two kids come out with lots of roses. She is going to be wondering what is going on, when you come in, dressed in a tux like a movie star, get down on one knee and propose. Hope you like it - can't wait to hear how it goes!

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