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She is A Wonderful Lady

by Blasio

I am a college student and met this girl when she was in high school though now she is in college also.

She is very shy and introverted. I would like to get engaged to her during my birthday and I would like it to be a surprise.

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Effort is Everything
by: Janice

I have to say that you don't sound very enthusiastic about your girl or the proposal.

Maybe it's because you are also too shy to give details about your dreams and hopes for your life with her. But these are things that you must have if you're thinking about marriage, so spend some time fantasizing about your life together, what you want it to be and how you see your future.

Then think long and hard about your past experiences with her. When did you have the most fun? When did you first fall in love? Where is your favorite spot together? When and where do you enjoy each others company the most? What's the best part about her? Why do you want to marry her?

Once you spend a little time thinking about the times you've shared together and the future you will enjoy together you will be able to listen to what's in your heart and know exactly how to propose to your wonderful lady.

Birthday Proposal Advice
by: Engagement Ring Guru

Hey man, you've got to give more details about the girl you want to marry. She's the love of your life so she has to be much more than just shy and introverted.

Anyway, here's a cool birthday wedding proposal idea. Wrap a bunch of boxes for your birthday. All of them will be empty except 1 which has the engagement ring in it.

When you see your girl, tell her you're tired of opening gifts and have her open the one with the ring in it for you.

Once she gets the wrapping off and starts to open the box get down on one knee and propose.

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