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Romantic Proposals

Romantic proposals don't have to be cheesy and over the top sticky. They can simply be sweet proposals from the heart.

Below are some of our best romantic ideas for proposing and getting engaged. Some are heartfelt, some are sweet, and others are just plain fun. Mix'em up, play with them, combine a few, use only parts.

It's all about her so make sure you tailor these proposal ideas to your girl.

The Chocolate or Candy Engagement Gift Box

engagement proposal box

Is she a chocoholic or has a sweet tooth? If your girl loves romance, chocolate, and candy then this is the perfect proposal for her.

Create a sweet engagement she'll never forget by buying a wooden box (or any other type of container) engraved with your message on it.

Be creative! Place the chocolate or candy in the box along with her engagement ring, wrap it up, and give it to her. It'll make a great keepsake for years to come! You can also customize the candy inside with personalized PrintCandies.

personalized candy for a romantic proposal

Romance In A Bottle

wedding proposal message in a bottle

If you're looking for romantic proposals, they don't get much better than this one.

Write a love poem on a piece of parchment paper, roll it into a vintage bottle and cork it.

Go to the beach and bury it in a well marked spot in the sand. Take your girlfriend to the beach for a relaxing day in the sun and suggest making a sandcastle together. "Find" the bottle as you dig together and have the ring on hand as she opens the message and reads your touching and romantic note.

Read about Jim's plan for a pirate version of this romantic proposal idea.

A Bouquet Of Beauty

romantic proposal rose

Send her one long stemmed red rose a day for 11 consecutive days. On the 12th day, she'll be expecting the last rose to complete the dozen. (Make sure the roses are really fresh because they need to last to the 12th day.)

On that final day, bring the last rose with an engagement ring attached and ask her to marry you. Have another dozen roses to hand to her when she says "Yes!". Although though long stemmed red roses are a symbol of love and best suited for romantic proposals, you can substitute it for her favorite flower but it might have less of an impact when she relates her proposal story to friends and family.

Special Package Delivery

proposal gift

This really is one special delivery. Get a huge sized box (appliance boxes work best) and cut the bottom out.

Wrap it up so that it looks simply gorgeous, complete with beautiful ribbons. Attach a card that says: "What's inside the box is a gift to last a lifetime."

Then "deliver" yourself to her office or front door. When she opens the lid pop out and propose. It will be the most romantic present she'll ever receive.

The Rose Petal Trail

rose petal wedding proposal

Create a rose petal trail from the front door to the bedroom. Create a heart shape with rose petals on the bed, and put the ring in the middle. Beside the bed set up an ice bucket with champagne and strawberries.

When she gets home just tell her to follow the trail to go see what's in your heart.

The Will You Marry Me CD

romantic proposal cd

Create a custom CD of your favorite songs and be sure to include some great love songs in the mix. Make the last track on the CD your proposal.

Customize the front cover with a picture of the two of you and "I Love You" as the title.

Listen to it together or leave it for her to listen to alone. Or, if you have access to her car, load the CD into the player so that the next time she's in her car, your romantic proposal will be blaring through her car speakers.

The Picture Perfect Proposal

romantic photo album proposal

Put together a photo album of pictures showing all the great times that you've shared together. Go back as far as you can, to your very first date if possible.

On the day you plan on proposing, take a picture of the two of you. Label each picture in the album, starting with "This is the day..."

Place the picture you take that day on the last page of the album along with the label "This is the day I asked you to marry me." Talk about picture perfect romantic proposals!

Let Her Eat Cake

romantic cake proposals

Buy or bake a cake (chocolate is always a good option for romance but a red velvet cake would work well here too).

Ice it yourself, or have the bakery do it with your personal proposal. Serve it to her at home or in a restaurant and get down on bended knee. Either way she will gush with delight just like Jossy did with this birthday cake proposal!

Confucius Says Propose!

romantic cookie proposal

Invite your girl for some Chinese food (you can either order it in or go out to a restaurant).

Enjoy your dinner and arrange to have a special fortune cookie with your personalized proposal in it. If you can manage to get the ring in the cookie too it's even better, but either way will work.

Like A Big Pizza Pie, That's Amore!

romantic pizza proposal

If Chinese food isn't her thing, go by your local pizza shop and arrange for them to deliver a custom heart shaped pizza.

Some of the best romantic proposals are informal and happen when it's a complete surprise and she's caught off guard—this pizza will do just that!

Write out your proposal on the inside top cover of the pizza carton and watch her eyes light up as you sit down for dinner and she opens the box.

black decorative scroll

These are just some of the romantic proposals we cover on this site. Need more inspiration? Check out our page on unique marriage proposal ideas.