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Personalized Engagement Gifts

personalized engagement gifts

Personalized engagement gifts and wedding gifts are all about the couple! They're a way of celebrating and congratulating two individuals who are about to become one family.

Personalized gifts are always appreciated because they tell the recipients that you went that extra step in having something custom made just for them. Most people think of a monogram when they think of personalizing a gift but that's only one of the options out there today.


A friend of ours who lives in New Hampshire has a standard gift that she gives for both engagements and weddings. It's a beautiful personalized bowl made by a local artisan with the names of the couple and the date of their engagement or wedding baked right into the glaze. Everyone who has ever received one has been totally thrilled because it's not only unique but also personalized!

Since we don't all know a local artisan, we scoured the web looking for a comparable gift and found these really beautiful serving plates and platters through Modern Artisans that can be shipped throughout the U.S.

personalized engagement gift wedding platters

They remind us very much of the personalized bowl that our friend always gives and can be customized with a monogram or the couple's full names. Any one of these would make a terrific engagement or wedding gift.

Accent pillows are always a great gift! Our in-house designers created these whimsical pillows to compliment any decor. They're the perfect way of offering something tailored to the recipients and this joyful time in their lives.

personalized engagement pillows

Our "I Do. Me Too." Pillows are 20" square with a customizable background which means you can change the color to any of your choosing. We personally like the sandy neutral background our designers selected because it works beautifully with any color scheme and has that contemporary designer feel. Once you've decided on a background color you can then personalize the names.

Our "Congratulations" Pillow is a 13" X 21" lumbar and contains all the congratulations sentiments we highlight on the site. Simply enter the happy couple's names and you've got a personalized gift that shows the recipient how happy you are about their union.

Personalized cotton placemats and napkins are another great gift idea. Our designers created these wonderful placemats and matching napkins especially for us and we are so excited to share them with you.

personalized placemats with bible verse

The placemats come in two different designs and a variety of colors. One of the designs has a Corinthians verse that talks about love and frames a floral motif which sits above the couple's names. The other, contains only the floral motif with names. The coordinating napkins work with either design. All personalization is done directly online and the items shipped to your door. Visit our store today!

As far as personalized engagement gifts go, this one is both fun and really original. Personalized printed candy!

personalized candy engagement gift

You have lots of options here... You can print both faces on one piece, one face per piece, include their names, funny sayings, the options are endless.

PrintCandies offers chocolate and mint candies and an assortment of packaging options. We LOVE this idea! 

And if you're throwing an engagement party, why not use them as giveaway treats or party favors or just have them scattered around in bowls at the party?

Monogrammed towels, linens, glassware and china are all very beautiful and will certainly be cherished for years to come. A monogram really reflects the idea that two people have joined together and have formed one family unit. However, personalized engagement gifts can go way beyond the monogram.

On our unique engagement gifts page, we mention two gifts that could definitely fall into the personalization category. One in particular takes personalization to the extreme!

It's modern art that is made up of the recipients DNA, lips, or fingerprint. Who knew that your own genes could create amazing modern art?

DNA art gift

The other is a personalized jigsaw puzzle, which is also very special,  that can be made from a single photo of the happy couple or a montage of photos. So, if you're interested in either of these please check out our unique engagement gifts page.

Nothing says, "You're special to us" like personalized engagement gifts and wedding gifts! It shows the recipients that you went out of your way to not only find the perfect gift but also to make it theirs alone!

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