Night Out on the Town Surprise Proposal

by J

I'm planning a proposal, I have a good idea but I'm not sure and I want others' opinions.

We've been dating for almost 5 years, we met in College, and we've been living with each other for about 2 years. I really want to give her something special. I've thought about taking a trip or other ways, but this is what I'm thinking of doing.

My idea is a surprise night out downtown. We live near our city's downtown area. She will know we are going out to dinner and drinks after, but nothing else.

I would arrange for a limo to be waiting for us in the the parking lot, so when we walk to the car she will see the driver holding up a sign with our names on it. The car will take us to one of the nicest fine dining restaurants downtown where we will enjoy a great meal.

After the Dinner I will tell her a relative/friend is in town at a downtown hotel and I want to take the limo to the hotel and say Hi. Instead I will reserve a high-end room or suite with a great view that I've decorated with flowers and candles a head of time.

When we walk in, with the downtown buildings lit up outside the window, I'll drop to a knee and propose.

Shortly after, I will suggest a celebratory drink at a local downtown bar. I'll have the limo take us to a bar where I've reserved some tables or a private room. When she walks in she will be surprised by 10-15 of our friends who have no idea that I just proposed. We will drink and celebrate with friends. At some point in the night we will slip back to the Hotel for some time alone. I am thinking about also keeping the room for a second night so we can have more time to ourselves.

I'm trying to put this together in the very near future. I just want some advice and to see if people think it is a good way to propose. She's waited almost 5 years, I want it to be special and memorable, and I'm second-guessing myself now.

I have other proposal ideas (weekend trip to New York City, weekend in a cabin in the woods, etc) so if this is no good I have time to change.

I'm not feeling sure of my plan PLEASE HELP

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So Beautiful
by: XxxFairygirlxxX

After reading your post and other comments I felt I had to reply. Your idea is beautiful, so sweet and totally romantic. I have to agree tho, with all the social networking out there your girlfriend may find out and then it may not go quite to plan.

I love that idea of getting together with your friends. How about you book a table at your chosen restaurant and meet your friends there? As already said, just say you wanted a nice night out with your friends before the holidays.

If you want to propose in front of your friends and with them there then I love the idea with the waiter, that's genius and so unique.

If you wanted to propose in private, how about taking your girlfriend up to your hotel room before your meal? Just say you want to show her the room and take your bags up or something. This way you get time alone with her (I must say that this is the way I wanted my fiance to propose, I don't like much attention and it's more intimate just the 2 of you). You can decorate the room before hand (so beautiful I must say, it shall take her breath away), and you can propose there. It will be so special and unexpected for her, a beautiful surprise, I can just see it now! You can then go and celebrate with your friends.

I've recently become engaged to my long term partner and it was a beautiful moment. He did it his own way and it was just us, in our hotel room actually. I shall never forget that special moment.

Whatever you decide to do, it will be beautiful for her and she won't care how you do it. All she will care about is that it is you.

You're on the way to a great plan!
by: Bud

First, let me tell you that its great to read that there's romance still out there. I wanted the same thing when I proposed. I like a lot of the elements of your plan, I am suggesting you just rearrange them. If you enjoy your town this much, no need to go to NYC or Paris - save that for a surprise anniversary.

Between Facebook, Twitter and texts - one of your friends will let it slip that you have arranged a get together - your girl will figure it out. Same with the limo waiting outside, and the hotel.

What do you think of this: Find out what the hottest new restaurant is in town (or a classic place you haven't been) and arrange for your friends to join you and your girl - no reason except to get together before the holiday madness.

At the restaurant, look her in the eyes, smile huge - and tell her you love her so much that you feel like proposing. (It's ok if no one else is hearing you.) But you don't have a ring - sorry.

A waiter approaches you, offers you a ring box - "Will this help?" You take the box, drop to one knee and propose.

You stay and celebrate with your friends a while, then tell her you want to get out and be alone. There is a limo waiting outside, where you whisk her away to that hotel, decorated with flowers and candles.

What do you think? Whatever you do - I hope you have long and happy life together.

Sweet Romantic Proposal
by: Yolanda

Its such a sweet and thoughtful way to propose. I give it a thumbs up.

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