The Mexican Theme Engagement Party

Looking for ideas for a Mexican theme engagement party? Well, you've come to the right place. Let the Fiesta begin!

Fiesta party ideas and decorations

Going with a Mexican or a Fiesta party theme is all about having fun, and the best part is that it's a theme that doesn't cost very much to pull off—all you need is lots of passion, lots of music, lots of paper decorations and lots of color!

Mexican Theme Party Colors

There is certainly no shortage of colors when it comes to a Mexican theme. There are so many bold options to choose from.

Mexican party color scheme

We always recommend sticking with 3 or 4 basic colors (at most) and using the others as accents. It helps bring the color scheme together in a room and makes it easier to decide what decorations to buy in which color.

different fiesta party color schemes

If you go with the red, green and white color scheme found in a Mexican flag make sure you use lots of the accent colors so that it doesn't end up looking like Xmas.

Engaging Tip:  See what you have around the house in terms of color it may help you decide on the final color palette. Look for dishes, vases, pillows, things to use as containers, fabrics, accessories...everything!

Mexican Theme Engagement Party Invitations

Fiesta theme party invitations

Your invitations are so important for getting people in a Fiesta mood. Show them how much fun they're going to have by being creative with Mexican themed invitations.

There are some really great Fiesta party invitations you can buy... or, think outside the box and surprise your guests with something completely unique and fun!

Mexican party sombreros cost about the same price as paper invitations. Tie some hot peppers and the party details around the brim and use that as your invitation. Just imagine what it would be like to be the recipient of one of these invites? 

And... don't forget to tell your guests to bring their hats to the party—party hats go a long way in creating a festive mood and will add to the decoration and atmosphere at the party.

You may need to hand deliver them but your guests will be so delighted by the thought and fun that went into them.

Be creative... The more fun you have incorporating your theme into the party invitation the more excited your guests will be about the party.

invitations for a fiesta

Check out these amazing Fiesta invites created especially for us by our design team. They are fun, elegant, and you can personalize them online and have them delivered to your home in a few simple clicks.

Mexican Theme Engagement Party Ideas

The best way to make a big impression is to use inexpensive decorations and lots of them!  A Mexican Fiesta theme works perfectly for that. Many of the types of decorations you'll need are inexpensive because they're made out of paper, so go nuts and buy as much as your budget will allow.

Go for a ton of streamers, large paper PomPoms, hanging ornaments and don't forget about balloons. Think of clever containers for stuff like a blow-up plastic sombrero to hold ice and drinks.

Table decorated with a Mexican thememini oscar statues and star decorationsSombrero holding drinks and wine

Have fun with your table too... A Mexican theme can be made to look formal or casual, it's all in the way you put things together.

For an engagement party, you may want a more formal or classy use white dishes, white linens and clear glass to create a clean and neutral backdrop.

lime and peony centerpiece

Then add fun and colorful Fiesta theme based candles, party favors, hanging decorations and even red and green hot peppers scattered throughout the table.

Limes are another great and inexpensive element to use for a Mexican theme. Make a centerpiece out of limes and flowers like on this cover of Woman's Day.

It's a great way to save money on flowers and goes perfectly with the Mexican theme.

white linens with colorful mexican theme accents

The punches of color against the neutral backdrop will make it a whimsical but still elegant engagement party, if that's what you're looking for. For an even more formal Mexican feel, consider covering the ceiling with white and pearl balloons.

balloons on ceiling

Obviously a Mexican theme party lends itself well to a more casual look as well. In this case more is definitely more. Go over-the-top with decorations and bring on the bold color!

Fiesta party table decorations

Mexican theme-related paper plates, napkins, red table linens, colorful margarita glasses, Fiesta table decorations and accessories are all a fun way of getting your theme to work and your guests in the party spirit.

exclamation mark

All our Fiesta & Mexican engagement theme party ideas are made with products from our favorite go-to supplier. They have it all...from decorations, to invitations, balloons, props, and party favors. Visit them now for all your Mexican Theme Party Supplies


A Mexican theme engagement party is a great choice for smaller budgets. The decorations aren't expensive to buy, and the menu can be delicious and cheap. Fajitas, taco bars, corn chips, salsas, guacamole... All the dishes can be made ahead of time and the theme will let you limit the bar to just margaritas and Mexican beer with a wedge of lime. Let the Fiesta begin! 

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