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The Fiancée & Engagement Ring Quiz

Your future fiancée is the woman of your dreams. You're almost on bended knee ready to utter the four most life changing words—will you marry me?

Your best bet is to make it all about her. She may have been dreaming about this since she saw Cinderella for the first time. So show her that you care more about her than anything else in the world.

You'll need to figure out the perfect engagement ring, the perfect place to do it, and the perfect proposal, tailor made for the love of your life.

You need to show her that you've thought deeply about what she would like, not necessarily what you would like. No pressure!  ;-)

What would her ideal vacation be:
a) A trip to Nantucket or her family's summer house
b) A gorgeous secluded beach, where the two of you could be alone
c) Any eco conscious destination
d) A biking tour of Tuscany - as long as you guys are doing something active she's thrilled
e) A pre-packaged low fuss vay-k
f) The latest hot spot as noted by Wallpaper magazine
g) A pampering getaway at an overly fancy, overly priced exclusive resort


What's her favorite flick:
a) Breakfast at Tiffany's
b) The Notebook
c) An Inconvenient Truth
d) Who has time to watch movies - there's a game on
e) Wedding Crashers
f) Anything from Michel Gondry, the man's a genius
g) Marie Antoinette


What best describes your future fiance 's sense of style:
a) Anything timeless and classic - her pearls are never far behind
b) Feminine, lace, and frilly
c) Anything vintage - why buy new?
d) Sports bra, track pants and running shoes
e) Jeans and a t-shirt
f) Fashion forward - she wouldn't be caught dead with last year's it bag
g) Designer everything from top to toe - she looks (and it isn't far from the truth) like a million bucks


What's her drink of choice:
a) A nice glass of wine
b) A white wine spritzer, she's a lady
c) Water or anything organic
d) Gatorade
e) She's not fussed, whatever you have open
f) Martini anyone?
g) The most expensive champagne money can buy


What would be her ideal date?
a) A wonderful dinner out and a movie
b) Having you cook her a beautiful candlelit dinner and eating it under the stars
c) A picnic enjoying the fresh air
d) A hike followed by a canoe trip, killer portage included
e) Ordering in takeout and watching a film curled up on the couch
f) A trip to the latest art exhibit or newest restaurant opening
g) The best table at New York's most difficult to book restaurant - nothing but the best.


Which star most closely resembles your bride-to-be in personality and attitude:
a) Audrey Hepburn - classic beauty
b) Kate Winslet - romantic femininity
c) Kate Hudson - natural beauty
d) Venus Williams - sports goddess
e) Jessica Biel - understated but beautiful
f) Kate Moss - always au courant
g) Victoria Beckham - all the beauty money can buy


Which song best describes your future fiance:
a) At Last - (The Etta James classic, not Beyonce)
b) I believe (when I fall in love it will be forever)
c) Big Yellow Taxi
d) The Olympic anthem
e) Easy like Sunday Morning - she's always chill
f) Fashion by David Bowie
g) Diamonds are a girls best friend