I Want To Ask Him To Marry Me

by Patty
(Evansville, Indiana)

How did you meet? We met because of his brother.

Where was your first date? We went to Captain Ds the first time that we hung out. And that is now where I work.

What is his favorite food? Color? Spot? He loves spicy food. His favorite color is lime green. His favorite spot is anyone where that I am.

What does he love to do? Hobbies? He loves to listen to music and watch movies.

What activities do you do together? We do everything together. We go walking together, we go to the movies, we just sit around and talk.

How long have you been together? 7 months.

Is he adventurous? A homebody? He is adventurous.

Is he shy or easily embarrassed? No he isn't.

Does he like attention? Not really. Just some.

Does he have a personal style? He does but it's really hard to explain though. He doesn't like to look like everyone else

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by: Anonymous

Love is part of life and love brings happiness in life. Here are some memories of a proposal of love from a lover to another which is a very cute thing.

Shake it up some!
by: Crystil

I think you have the same type of boyfriend I had - everything was all good, and we just hung out together. And it stayed that way, for a year.

I kept asking myself, week after week, when is this man going to ask me to get married? We didn't see anybody else, except our friends. We had created this nice quiet life, but I wanted more.

I used to ask my girlfriends for advice, and the ones that were married said that I should be happy because that's what married life was and all. And my single girlfriends would just say they wished they had someone that was happy hanging out.

It was actually my mom that gave me some advice that actually worked (thanks, mom!). She told me that if we got all comfortable with the way things were, he wouldn't see me as "the special one".

She helped me make a list, sort of like what you did, thinking of his favorite things, and what we liked to do, and I started planning a few dinners, and an outing or two that had to do with those things. It worked!

After I "shook it up" a bit, he proposed. Later, when we were talking about it, he said that he really started seeing how much fun I was when I got all into our relationship.

So my advice to you is to look at your answers, and plan some stuff (without being obvious). Like you said he likes adventure and spicy food, right? Does he like all different types of foods that are spicy, or does he just add hot sauce to everything he eats? Because this can be planned out differently - if he just adds hot sauce, then you can have fun getting him (online) all these crazy named hot sauces!

But if he likes spicy dishes, and loves adventure, and you said he likes to hang out and watch a movie, then you could make him an Indian dinner (those curries are crazy spicy). All the spices and recipes are easy to follow (you said you work in a restaurant so maybe you have a talent for cooking already). Keep the night going by renting a Bollywood movie, or make a really spicy Chinese meal and rent a real Kung Fu movie, like an old Bruce Lee Film.

You see where I'm going? He's all comfortable and you guys like to hang out, and that's going to pay off for you in the long run, because that can be a really nice life - but have some fun!

Keep it fresh, and make it about the stuff you guys like to do with each other, or something you know he likes. What I learned not do was just sit around the house too much, doing the same old stuff.

It doesn't have to cost much money, you can have a blast at the zoo, with a picnic. Or dare him to try ice skating, stuff like that.

Anyways, good luck, and I hope you have a great time!!

Cristil L. from Pine Bluff, AR

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