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Hollywood Theme Engagement Party

A Hollywood theme engagement party is a fun thing to have. We all want our 15 minutes of fame, so why not use this occasion to give the couple an entire night in the tinsel town spotlight!

There are so many ways you can go with this one. You can pick a movie, like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and turn that into the theme, or pick a movie star like Marilyn Monroe and run with it. Hollywood options are endless...

Hollywood party theme

In our theme breakdown, we're choosing to go with Old Hollywood glam & a touch of Oscar! It's an easy theme and one that will be enjoyed by guests of all ages.

Hollywood Theme Party Colors

To get that Hollywood glam effect you'll need to stick with some basic colors: black, white, red, silver and gold. The black and white will add formality and drama to the decorations. The silver and gold bring in the glitz. The red is an accent color inspired by the red carpet and red velvet ropes seen at premieres and big Hollywood events.

hollywood theme color palette

Engaging Tip:  Having the party at home? Look around your house to see what you already own that fits with this color scheme. Look for dishes, glasses, vases, pillows, things you can use as containers, fabrics, accessories...everything! You'll be amazed how much stuff you already have!

Hollywood Theme Engagement Party Invitations

hollywood party invitations

Your invitations are important for introducing the Hollywood theme. It's the first impression your guests will have of the party so try and be as creative as possible.

Think about turning some party decorations into invitations.

We found some great ribbons with an Oscar statue that is normally used to hang from the ceiling. Why not print some star invitations on card stock and string the Hollywood Oscar decoration through it and use that as the invite?

Or, load a strip of film on the side of an invitation, and then write out the details like the credits on a movie.

You are cordially invited to the M & E Premiere
Saturday, September 1st 2013 At 7:00 P.M.

Starring: "Mike & Elizabeth"
Directed by: "Elizabeth's Parents"
Filmed on Location: "123 Main St."
Produced by: "Mom's Kitchen"
Press Contact:
RSVP info...

Be creative... The more fun you have incorporating your theme into a party invitation the more excited your guests will be about the party.

Hollywood Theme Party Decorations

The best way to make a big impression is to use inexpensive decorations, so you can buy lots and lots....and lots and lots... of them.  Having tons of the same item really helps build atmosphere and makes a bold statement.

Balloons and large paper PomPoms are a great way to start. And since they can be used to decorate the ceiling (which will be your biggest blank surface in any room) they can really transform the space and bring your Hollywood theme to life.

balloons and streamers on ceiling different styles of balloons for a hollywood thememini oscar statues and star decorationslarge black and white pompoms to decorate the ceiling

Have fun with your table too... If you have white dishes, use them. Then accent them with Hollywood theme party favors, napkins, little novelty mints wrapped in your theme colors, even theme related paper plates.

Hollywood theme party table decorations

Buy inexpensive Hollywood props to add to the party room, the bathroom, everywhere your guests will likely visit.... They'll have so much fun being greeted by a cardboard cut-out paparazzi standing in the entrance as they walk in. What's more Hollywood than paparazzi?

Hollywood theme party table decorations

Theme-related hats and accessories are also a really fun way of getting guests into the theme spirit—in this case Hollywood style hats and feather boas...You get the idea...

exclamation mark

All these amazing Hollywood engagement party theme ideas are made with products from one of our favorite suppliers. They have everything from balloons to props and party favors. Visit them now to Get FREE Shipping on Hollywood Party Supplies

Hollywood Theme Engagement Party Games

Want to add a little activity and spice to the party? Why not have some theme related games that you print at home from your computer. You can get Hollywood inspired games like Oscar trivia, TV and movies mix & match games then simply download and print!  You can get them in theme packs or buy them individually.

Oscar trivia gamesOscar Games Pack

Engagement party games are such a great ice-breaker and will make your Hollywood theme party that much more fun!


A Hollywood theme engagement party is easy to pull off and something that most people can relate to. Use what's here as a springboard for your own ideas, turn your event into a Bollywood theme and serve Indian food, or narrow things down to just one movie. The choices are endless...

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