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If you answered mostly "A" then your fiance is "A True Classic"

Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn are her style icons. She is elegant, sophisticated, graceful and always a lady. Her tastes are more traditional and timeless. She's a classic and so the style of diamond ring should last the test of time. She is not into the latest trend. The jeweler brand should be from somewhere that she recognizes and has been around for decades. That little blue box from Tiffany's would melt her heart.

  • Her ring type: A round solitaire diamond and if she's got a bit of an adventurous streak, an emerald cut.
  • Her engagement location: The top of the Eiffel tower, a breakfast at Tiffany's or at a big family gathering.
  • Her engagement & proposal: If she's a family girl, ask her parents first. It should be a surprise, feel like it's from an old Hollywood movie, roses are a must.


If your girl is more of an all around "B" then she's a "Romantic Dreamer"

She is sentimental and an old fashioned romantic. She very well could have been dreaming of a fairytale wedding complete with prince charming since she was knee high to a grasshopper. She loves to be swept off her feet.

A ring that is vintage or antique would do the trick. Triple points if you can get your hands on a family heirloom. Knowing that she is keeping up a wedding tradition will make her cry with joy. She has her happily ever after.

  • Her ring type: A heart shaped diamond or a diamond that belonged to someone in the family.
  • Her engagement location: Anywhere that has meaning to both of you, like where you first met.
  • Her engagement & proposal: Think about all the details, don't just make it about that one moment - turn it into a whole day. She has been dreaming of this for years. Pamper her, pull out all the stops. Getting down on one knee is an absolute must.


Your fiancé is an "Earth Goddess" if you answered mostly "C"

She loves nature and does everything she can to protect it. She conserves where she can and eats organic, not because of a fad but because she made it a way of life. You know that she will want to have a green wedding. She doesn't get caught up in mass consumerism. Rather your fiance buys what she needs and reuses as much as possible. Yoga is part of her daily routine. She wishes everyone would lend a hand in making the world a better place. She is a true free sprit.

  • Her ring type: A marquise diamond engagement ring  or any style vintage diamond and setting.
  • Her engagement location: Something simple. Out at a picnic in the park perhaps.
  • Her engagement & proposal: Really meaningful and from the heart. Consider writing and proposing with a poem. Make it all about the two of you and your future together.


If the answers were mostly "D" she's "The Sports Fanatic"

She is forever on the move doing something active. She has her favorite sports but is always game to try something new. She has the teams that she loves to cheer on and does her best never to miss them in action. You don't think that she's ever just taken a relaxing sit on the beach and do nothing vacation. Your fiance always has to be on the move. A dainty lady like ring is her complete antithesis. She would be much better suited with something just as tough as she is - a bezel setting would do the trick.

  • Her ring type : A round diamond bezel set engagement ring that protects the stone.
  • Her engagement location: At a stadium or at the top of a mountain after you went for a hike.
  • Her engagement & proposal: You need to knock this one out of the park. She is always challenging herself to push her limits - now it's your turn. Show her you're her number one fan.


"E" is for "The Anti-Bridezilla"

She is low maintenance and rolls with the punches. Your fiance has probably never watched a wedding reality show in her life. She loves you very much but doesn't see what all the wedding fuss is about. Eloping instead of having a big blow out wedding may be much more up her alley. Something low key and low fuss.

  • Her ring type : A round or oval shaped diamond
  • Her engagement location: At home or while you're taking the dog for a walk
  • Her engagement & proposal: Casual and no fuss. She wouldn't feel comfortable if you went over the top. Perhaps instead of take-out, make dinner yourself. Add a candle or two to make it feel a little special. Snuggle up on the couch to watch a film and when she goes to grab the popcorn, make your move.


You're future fiance is a "Trend Setter" if you answered mostly "F"

Always unique and slightly unconventional. Your fiance reads up on all the latest and greatest in the world of fashion. She has a stack of British Vogues in her bedroom that have been dog eared. She is always au courant but done with a twist of her own flair. People are forever asking her where she got any given item of clothing. Her ring has to be as fashion forward as she is. But don't be a slave to the trends, since they are constantly changing and her ring needs to last a lifetime.

You'll need to strike a balance between classic and unique. Perhaps a diamond in a unique setting or even a gemstone engagement ring . She isn't traditional, test the waters - she may want to design the ring with you. It would be right up her alley.

  • Her ring type: An Asscher cut engagement ring or a gemstone ring that she designs herself.
  • Her engagement location: The hottest new restaurant that requires making a reservation months in advance
  • Her engagement & proposal: Very au courant, stay away from the old classics. She won't need you to get down on one knee - she would prefer it if it was cutting edge. So keep up on the latest trends, they change daily.


Your fiance is a "Glamour Puss" if you answered mostly "G"

Everything for her needs to be fabulous. The more expensive, the better in her mind. She takes her cues from P.Diddy, nothing but the best. For her money is no object - the word 'budget' is not in her vocab. She loves to show off and has been known to throw an extravagant party or two. She will want to parade her new rock around and talk about it to the world. We hope you started saving up, you'll probably need to get something that scores highly on all 4Cs, especially on carat. That rock will need to be seen a mile away.

  • Her ring type: A yellow or pink diamond pave engagement ring
  • Her engagement location : The fanciest of fancy places, perhaps a private island or exclusive hideaway
  • Her engagement & proposal: Over the top. You need to pull out all the stops and your wallet for this one. Think BIG! And then multiply it by HUGE. Everything needs to be top notch and pulled off flawlessly. If there is a crowd to witness the extravagance that's even better.


Ok, so this isn't a scientific test and there are no calculations of statistical accuracy but we do think it'll give you some pretty good ideas on what type of girl your fiancée is and how to match that up against engagement rings, proposals, and engagement ideas.

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