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Our Filene Basement Top Ten Tips

Below are our top 10 Tips for the Filene Basement Running of the Brides sale. Having attended three times in the last few years (and being successful every time) we've gotten to know what is needed and how to work the sale. We're happy to share these tips with you and wish you all the success we've had in finding the perfect dress.

Filene Basement bridal Sale

2012 Update: Sad to inform you all that Filene's Basement went belly-up and the Running of the Brides is no longer.

Now for the GREAT news: Brides Against Breast Cancer hold similar types of events across the U.S.—you can get a wedding dress at bargain basement prices and help a wonderful cause at the same time. It's a win-win!

Be sure and visit BABC to find out when they'll be coming to your area.

  1. Bring a mirror!  How can you know you found "the one" if you can't see it!
  2. Be open when it comes to sizes. Bridal sizes run a lot smaller. I would normally take a size 6 in regular clothes but I was fitting in size 10s. My sister bought a dress that was 2 sizes too big for her, but she will have it taken in. So if you find the wedding dress of your dreams, don't pass it up just because it isn't your exact size. Just don't buy a dress that is too small for you. You will regret that one later.
  3. Spread good karma. What goes around comes around. One girl loved a dress that I tried on but didn't have a dress that I wanted to trade her for. I knew she loved it, so I just gave it to her. And then within 20 minutes, I found my dream dress!
  4. Get there really early or much later. If you are not one of the first 250 people in line, chances are you won't be able to grab any dresses in the run to the racks. By about 10:30am, many dresses were back on the racks for everyone to peruse.
  5. Wear running shoes. I saw a few girls trying to make the mad dash in flip flops. It could have gone horribly wrong. Soooooo not worth it.
  6. Good undergarments are a must. You will need to strip down in front of everyone (journalists and cameras included)—there are no changing rooms. I suggest wearing a sports bra and boy shorts or your bikini.
  7. Bring a camera.  It's a great idea for someone to take a snap of you in a dress that you are considering—sometimes when you see yourself in the dress in a photo it seals the deal or is a deal breaker. You also will want to keep a memory of the awesome insanity. But make sure you give the camera to one of your crew to keep hold of.
  8. Have a game plan. Make an initial meeting spot with your team, so that you all can find each other after the doors open and the mayhem begins. Assign roles to your various crew members. You will for sure need someone to help dress you. Someone else to help barter. Someone else to guard the "yes" pile. It really is complete mayhem at Filene Basement during the sale.
  9. Treat the dresses with care. Each one of these wedding dresses, could be someone's perfect dress that they will wear on the biggest day of their lives. Handle them with love, place them back on the hanger and then back in the plastic coverall. Wear minimal or better yet no makeup. You would hate to see the wedding dress of your dreams covered in foundation and mascara smudges. The Filene Basement Bridal sale is a tradition and warrants respect.
  10. Don't get overwhelmed. There are thousands and thousands of dresses up for grabs. If you constantly think that there may be a better dress around the corner, you'll paralyze yourself from making a decision. I set up camp in one area, and only looked at dresses within a 10 foot radius and found my perfect wedding dress! 

You gotta love the Running of the Brides or ROTB for those "in the know".

Read about our Running of the Brides adventures at Filene's Basement and how we snagged the perfect wedding dress!

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