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Engagement Rings 2013: Styles & Trends

Showcase with the latest styles in bridal jewelry

Bridal jewelry and engagement rings for 2013 reflect today's values with practicality, personal whimsy, and a focus on what matters most.

It's a year that abounds with personal style and choices!

Gone are the days when rings were chosen solely based on what is expected and how they're perceived by others. In 2013, couples are showing their independence and opting for bridal jewelry with deeper meaning, social consciousness, and unique designs that reflect their personal style.

Engagement Ring Trends 2013: Setting The Scene

In 2011, the biggest trend was intricately detailed metalwork. In 2012, we took a 180 degree turn by focusing on the purity of clean geometric shapes rather than embellishment and now in 2013, the newest trend in engagement rings is layering.

Layering of color, metal, and stones.

New style engagement rings

Engaging Tip:  Diamonds used for layering and accenting a center stone are much cheaper due to their small sizes so you'll get much more Bling! for your diamond buck if you go with a non-diamond center!

The best part about this latest trend is that layered settings allow you to personalize your ring to suit your individual style.

You can combine different metals within the same piece or wear a two-tone wedding band with a single metal ring, or vice versa:

bridal jewelry combining different metals

Mix and match different colored stones and make your ring as unique as you are:

layered colored stone trend in bridal jewelry for 2013

By layering and playing with color, you can customize your ring to reflect your personality but don't go overboard, choose subtle combinations to keep a classic feel that you'll enjoy for decades.


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Latest Trends and Shapes for 2013

The round brilliant and princess shaped stones will never lose traction in bridal jewelry but the latest styles showcase how individuality has become so important for today's bride. The fancier diamond shapes like Ovals and Marquise are enjoying a renaissance as is the Pear shape with its asymmetrical design that can be worn facing inward or outward. 

Ring designs with sidestones and baguettes

However the biggest trend by far, regardless of shape, is in baguettes and side-stones. We should probably thank "Brangelina" for this latest trend which fits nicely with the overall layered look for engagement rings in 2013.

Engagement Ring Style 2013: Red Is The New White!

For the bold at heart RED is the rage this year and will always be the color of love. Vera Wang set the fashion world aflutter when she showed her 2013 Spring collection of red wedding dresses.

Red wedding dresses 2013 Bridal Collection by Vera Wang

Like'm or not, Ms. Wang is the reigning queen of bridal so it's no wonder that jewelers and soon-to-be brides took note.

Kate Middleton's blue sapphire engagement ring is no longer the only color in town with red rubies dominating the scene for 2013, followed closely by red garnets.

different styles of ruby rings

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The Vintage Love Affair Is Here To Stay!

Another carry-over from the last few years is sustainability and an appreciation for all things vintage.

Industry movers and shakers are expecting to see a lot of fabulous family heirlooms and antique shop finds adorning ring fingers in 2013. And, jewelers and designers are taking note—creating wonderful vintage inspired collections like the ones shown below.

vintage style diamond rings


Regardless of your budget, if you're excited about any of the trends for 2013 make sure and visit this fabulous store. With just a few clicks, you'll have the perfect custom made piece.

black decorative scroll

Engagement ring trends and styles are a reflection of our present-day values and 2013 is a year for independence, individuality and knowing what's truly important in life.

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